Perfection and Responsibility/Love vs. Judgement

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I just heard it!

My master, Premodaya, says:

"The absolute perfection of all that is, is the source of your personal responsibility. Everything is perfect and YOU are part, a member, a piece of that perfection!"

The catalyst for the need:

The reason I feel responsible for everything without the ability to control anything.

The need to accept.

The need to worship.

The need to do my part.

The need is there even when the mind/body are fighting to do otherwise. Even when they are actually doing otherwise!

And it's the source of my egotistic disappointment, my uncompassionate judgment of and my depression in the world. Why can't we ALL just do what we are supposed to? Heaven is so close...

Love is the only thing that can address those disappointments. Because only love can bring a thing close, value and cherish, accept it and NOT REJECT it when it is acting imperfect and stubbornly refuses to change.

Love is the only tool that allows us to be with what we perceive as imperfect, peacefully.

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Love is the Key

Only Love, without subject or object, will lead to itself and show itself and "our self" to be identical.


Ahimsananda | Thu, 06/17/2010 - 18:41