People have Made Family Life the Field for Enjoying Sensual Pleasures.

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Nature has given us the instrument of sex for the perpetuation of life upon this planet. If sex instruments are used for legitimate purposes, they need not become instruments of degradation. But when we fall into the trap of self-indulgence, we begin to descend towards the animal plane. It blinds our mind and dulls our wits. It becomes the cause of our moral degradation and destruction.
This is the sad state of affairs which is prevalent now-a-days in the world. The lustful persons are advised to procure their shroud, keep it handy and then do whatever they like. The relationship of man and woman is not to enjoy sexual pleasures. Their relationship is to produce the desired number of children in accordance with the medical advice and the teachings embodied in the Shastras and other holy scriptures.

As embodied in the Shastras, the husband and wife should have marital relations only once a month with a sole objective of producing off-spring till a child is conceived. They should completely avoid co-habition during pregnancy and also after the birth of a child till such a time the child is fed on mother's milk i.e. upto a period of two and a half years or so.
Three or four such contacts in the whole life for the sake of producing children are not harmful. They do not retard spiritual progress. It is also quite appropriate and desirable that a man should have two or three children to whom he may be in a position to look after properly. The children born of such parents are generally wise, obedient and of good conduct.

The aim of human life is not to enjoy sensual pleasures. Its sole purpose is to unite the soul with God. We should, therefore, always lead a pure life. The married couples should live together as if they were not married at all. They should have pure thoughts for each other. They should bring up their children properly and impart good education to them. Such people, though married, are as good as a celibate.

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Quotes or teachings by spiritual masters : Sex vs Spirituality,

Jesus Christ says :
Dogs and the unchaste shall be banished thence. (Ist Rev. XX 11, 15)

Guru Nanak Sahib says :
The mind which is running in the ten directions is controlled.
O Nanak ! the most precious jewel is found because of this control.
The jewel is got by controlling the fluid.
The mind is controlled by controlling the fluid.
Light appears by controlling the fluid.
Those who waste the fluid lose the jewel.
Those who waste the fluid are reborn.
Those who waste the fluid undergo the cycle of eighty-four.
Those who waste the fluid are entrapped in the noose of Yama.

Mahatama Charan Das says :
Kam (Sex passion) destroys the body and
upsets the tranquility of the mind.
It spoils one's Dharma, and
engrosses one in fear and worries.

Hasan Basri, a sufi Saint says that to observe celibacy (Brahmacharya) is far better as compared to keeping fast and offering prayers (Namaz) for thousands of years. To keep good character in every stage of life is useful. Observance of celibacy, especially in youth is approved in the Lord's Court. However, such a celibate is very rare. Another Muslim Saint says, "Observance of chastity in youth is a mark of Apostleship."

Maulana Rum says, "If you desire consciousness and awareness of the soul, give up lust and passion, as they shut our inner eye which cannot see the Light of God, nor our inner ear can hear the celestial music within".

Paltu Sahib goes to the extent and says : "Do not look at a woman with lust even though she might be eighty years old. She destroys the very essence of life while alive and hurls one into hell after death."

When King Ibrahim Adham was leading a saintly life, a large number of pupils used to go to him to receive spiritual education. He always advised them not to look at woman or a boy of twelve or thirteen years old with lustful ideas.

Lakshman always treated Sita as his mother. When he was asked to recognise the ornaments of Sita, he replied that he could only recognise the ornaments which she used to wear on her feet, because he used to bow his head at her feet and never looked at her face.

Once Rishi Daya Nand was sitting in a state of deep contemplation. A woman came to him. She bowed her head at his feet and went away. When he got up, he came to know about this incident. He repented and walked hither and thither throughout the night and engaged himself in the recitation of the Lord's Name. He did not take rest at all with a view to avoiding any possible repercussion upon him so that his chastity might not be affected even though he had not seen the woman.

Kabir Sahib says that there are many people who are learned, brave, courageous, practise austerities, penances, recitations, charity and yoga, but a man of good conduct is very rare. He is the highest of the high and is the store-house of all virtues. With good conduct all other virtues follow automatically.

Saint Paul advised the people of his country and said, "Love your wives as Christ loved the Church." In other words, they should lead a pure life. However, they did not fully understand the meanings of this precept. They continued to lead a life of sex and sense enjoyments. Saint Paul again wrote and said, "Love the Lord as if you have never had any wives."

Mahatma Tolstoy says, "One should preserve one's vital fluid. He should not only abstain from evil action, but should also keep his thoughts pure and clean and should not besmear the soul with the dirt of sins and evil ideas. He should, in other words, be a true and perfect celibate. The husband and the wife both should lead a life of restraint and suppress their sexual urge. With the birth of desired number of children, they should give up their relationship of husband and wife and engage themselves in the development and education of their children, who should be given proper guidance on the path of virtue so that they, in due course, may turn out to be true devotees of God."

Swami Ram Tirath says, "As long as men and women do not learn to live as brothers and sisters and lead lives of purity, they cannot hope to make any progress. Lives of persons who have tasted purity of existence have been happy, healthy and without worries. To consider our elders as mothers and others as sisters or daughters will raise a man to a high moral ideal and will relieve him from many troubles of the world. It also increases his mental and physical strength. Others remain weak, unhealthy and are victims of many troubles."

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