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Our servitude and the penance coexist.
Will the learned know who they serve,
Or the learner whom to serve.
Does not life exists for our penance.

A child born remembers not his past.
Discrimination and suffering he learns.
With hope glowing in his eyes; gestures,
Hurt, rejection, sparkles of joy, he understands.

There we stand like that unknowing child
Shredding human values in selfish delight.
Gobbling up the crumbs of the devils code,
As gospels of morals, ethics and truth, re-defined.

Throwing accountability to the Satan’s dogs.
Moulding confusion, chaos with both hands.
Slicing each other’s throats as matters of right,
So we may live a better life at another’s cost.

Are not the crimes we serve our forgotten sins.
Is not the sin we commit our penance to serve.
O Ashley! defiler of karma wicked old buddy,
Repentance we have served and penance we must serve.