Pearls of Wisdom that drop from the lips of my Guru - Shri Shri Nimishananda - SELF EFFORT

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People from all walks of life have benefited greatly from the unending flow of Pujya Guruji’s transformative teaching through satsangs, discourses, cassettes, CDs, articles, books in various languages.

From the treasury of abundant wisdom from His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji, several topics will be uploaded on a frequent basis for the reader to savour and implement.

Regarding self effort, Pujya Guruji says -

"Divine grace is all powerful. It surrounds you all the time, but you must put in the effort that is necessary to use it constructively. For example, when you hold a box of matches in your hands, you have the Fire God at your call. As soon as you strike a match stick, it lights up. That is Grace. You must immediately shield the flame with your hands and use it to light a stove, lamp or candle. This is self-effort. When you simply hold the burning matchstick and do not use it in any way, the flame flickers and goes out, or travels down the stick to burn your hand and makes you drop the matchstick in a hurry.

Likewise, a student may prostrate at the Feet of his Guru seeking His blessings before an exam. However, after this, he must study diligently and prepare well. When he does, the grace of his Guru ensures that he scores far beyond his natural capacity in the exams. If he does not study and fails, he has not put in the effort necessary to use this grace.

It is the same on the spiritual path. The spiritual sadhana that your Guru imparts to you is packed with grace, but you must practise this sadhana persistently if you want to attain enlightenment. When there is a power failure, you light a candle. You will continue to light one candle after another until the power is restored, won’t you? Likewise, you must go on practising the sadhana prescribed by your Guru under His divine guidance till you attain enlightenment. Thus, everything in life is a combination of divine grace and self effort."