Peace in the sea of chaos...

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Peace in the sea of chaos©

It is quite interesting how the polarity of opposites creates conflict, while balance, acceptance and ultimately forgiveness create peace.

When you reach this level, things that used to appear to be important become inconsequential and they disappear into nothingness…and peace ensues for self.

But, the question then becomes how can one extend this peace to the surrounding chaos—for no man is an island and in the end, this inter-connectivity of the Universe symbiotically works both to augment and also to subtract from whole.

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Peace when Maya spreads it net over us.

A normal human knows it is impossible to cut away the threads of Maya.

Polarity of opposites when unified lead us to fuse and stabilize our thirsting needs. Till one leaves this body there is no peace.

Why then must one seek forgiveness and still remain thirsty.
Create another element of thirst, another torture, for him.

Seek peace within your elements without harming others. Letting God lead you through the joys of life without seeking forgiveness.
Flow with the world without torment, if you truly wish to live.

Jai K Garg | Sat, 10/03/2009 - 11:57