Patience & Vigil

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Love is what matters not so much the object of love. Similarly if a person could but understand the mechanics of one desire he has understood about all desiring. Yet it would not be correct to say all paths lead to the same goal. One going north will not reach east for the two streams have different destination. One leads nowhere but the other leads one to the ocean. Therefore one must choose well.

Moreover choice is one thing but the opportunity to change directions only comes at crossroads. Yet if one is sleeping and misses the chance the other opportunity may not come immediately. Patience and Vigil therefore are the two key factors.

There are many sleep inducing philosophies and one of it is that Man is already perfect and has to do nothing. Even the serious proponents of this don’t walk the when it comes to their self interest. They would go to any lengths to secure material advantages and their doing nothing philosophy may also be a part of that enterprise. Those who are very sure of the way and claim to have mapped the journey and are eager to act as Gurus must also be looked at with equal suspicion for self interest is at the root of everything in this world.

That is why the journey is an adventure and those who are truly on it can never afford to be complacent. Besides a sleeping man cannot enjoy the journey which may yet be the best part.