The Paths of Awareness & Devotion

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"Once you have awakened into the experience
of consciousness and energy,
there are two main practices:

One is to rest in the nothingness
in every moment.

You go beyond being transfixed
by the wanting and worrying,
the seeking, resisting and distracting
and simply rest completely in the moment
as consciousness itself.

To be fully surrendered in this moment
no matter what pain or pleasure arises
means you have to give up the 'me'
that is transfixed by desires and worries;
that is seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

You surrender that one
that wants it to be a certain way,
not to become a someone
that is accepting everything,
but rather to dissolve in every moment
as nothingness itself.

Full acceptance means
it all dissolves into one.

In that nothingness,
everything is consciousness,
and everything is emptiness.

The other practice
is to be devoted to
the bliss that is here;

to let your attention
be in love with and immersed
in the feeling of bliss, peace or love
that is at the essence of this moment.

Perhaps that devotion is towards
a God, Guru or to Formlessness itself.
It makes no difference what you outwardly call it
as long as it reflects for you
the feeling of unconditional bliss, peace or love.

Both practices are equally important.

One awakens you into love,
and the other dissolves you into silence.

Much love,


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