The Path to Self Realization

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"The path to self realization
is not about attainment
but about letting go.

Learning intuitively
how to remain
in your essential state
of not holding on to anything.

There will probably
be a lot of practicing various
meditation techniques
and a lot of self discipline
to build up the shakti inside you;
to get you to the point
where awareness begins
to happen naturally.

But once you start to really feel
that build up of shakti moving inside you
then meditation becomes all about allowing
what is naturally happening to happen
without holding on to any of it
and remaining a witness to that.

Witnessing not in the sense
of being a something or someone
separate from what you are witnessing,

but from the natural place
of all encompassing awareness
that is in everything as everything
and also transcends everything
as silent awareness itself.

So in order to really realize your
true nature of pure peace,
you have to be willing
to let go of your attachment
to thoughts.

Even the ideas and understandings
of who you are and what you know,
what you have achieved
and what you have gained,
even spiritual ones;
all of these that you hold on to
actually separate you
from your true nature of peace
in this moment.

Not the thoughts themselves
but your fascination with them
as something real, something important.

Your attention contracts into the thought
and you feel 'this is me,' 'I know this,'
'I have achieved this,' 'I agree with this'
and in that you become a person
separate from peace.

That contraction needs to be relaxed,
so that every thought & belief that you hold on to
can fall away and leave you as you truly are.

To be in pure peace,
to rest in samadhi
means to rest in your natural state
of not holding on to anything,
where everything naturally
ebbs and flows on its own.

Everything arises
and disappears
all on its own.

It is all a happening.
It is all fluid.
And the essence of that happening
is pure peace, pure awareness
absolute bliss.

It is what you are.

Much love,


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Thank you for sharing another nice post!!!

"...Everything arises
and disappears
all on its own..."

It can only be visualize...When ONE is ready with BALANK screen...on which it is Apearing and Disappears...even though the screen is not is appearing there but due to clumsyness One is not really able to visualize what appears there in that clumsy screen!!!!

bonya basu | Wed, 11/21/2012 - 06:25
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Thank you

Beautifully Said, Bonya. Thank you. Much love to you

blissmusic | Wed, 11/28/2012 - 00:23
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My Vision of The Path

Bliss Music,
"The Path to Self Realization" is a long multi-million or billion path of incarnations where "we the being" takes on different bodies containing one of ever possible experience of man known to us, including some we do not know about in this type civilization. Each of those incarnations is a stepping stone to engrave into "the being" every emotion or lack of emotion experienced by the specie man. In short, "the path" require "each being" to first know by experiencing everything the entire specie has experienced although not always to the same extents.

Once achieved "the being" takes on an incarnation through which to become self realized where the total of those experiences are brought to the conscious memory of the body by seeing each act in other body what previously cased us to judge positive or negative so we remember the experiences of both sides forcing the body to accept it as a necessary step to self realization. After all, self realization is recognizing I am every experience of every, in all honesty, life type this earth is made from.

The bodies everyone becomes enlightened in have a different beginning until they began the metamorphosis to self realization. At that point the paths begin to merge the higher up the mountain they climb where we began experimenting with all the different methods of letting go in order to observe and recognize one's self in the actions of everyone around us completing the conscious realization of ourselves. Thus, it is only when we have completed our learning experience that we are ablate let go and just be aware of ourselves in all others.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"--
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Elijah_NatureBoy | Wed, 01/11/2017 - 20:31