Path of a Householder

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I am a Householder and follow the path that requires one to be householder. It is not a well known path as most known in public domain are enunciated by those who have no experience of being a man living an active life with responsibilities. Yes, it may seem strange for I do take responsibility for myself and those that look up to me and do the best to my ability. It does not mean I consider myself indispensable or that I can make or break things and nor the other extreme that what I do is of no consequence. One thing that stands out in the path that I follow is that the divisions are artificial and often opposites are not two different things but a continuum of a single thing.

Division between secular and sacred is one such artificial division. All that comes within the domain of action (seen) is important and reveals an aspect of mind with all its different layers, the so called conscious, subconscious and unconscious (totality of unseen). Thus to me it’s equally important to observe how I tend to stick to my likes and tend to avoid what I dislike as the topic of Self. This division is the cause of subconscious and unawareness of facets of my life and therefore to live life fully is not to split things as secular and sacred.

An important corollary from this is that freedom has no opposite and is my ability to attend to sacred and profane with equal responsibility and impartiality.