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-Master Sarvari Namaskaram – Master CVV Namaskaram – Master MTA Namaskaram-

We remember Sage Patanjali as the first exponent of Yoga. Really the Yoga world is much indebted to him.
Next, the authors of Upanishads wide opened the doors of wonderlands.
Patanjali just collected the existing material, systems and theories and wrote a book named “Yoga Sutra”. Even today we follow those aphorisms, but with some moderations. He wrote them for the use of his contemporaries. His main base is mind. He devised so many methods to control the mind. In course of time all sorts of spiritualists claimed a share in it.
Gradually the science of Yoga slipped into the hands of Sannyasins and mendicants. Patanjali did not intend Yoga for Sannyasins. In those days no cult of Sannyas was in existence. Even Great saints led married life. It evidently proves that Patanjali had formulated ‘Yoga Sutra’ for the benefit of married people.

Every person can bring out his latent power. If properly brought out, the power would become life energy. How to bring it out? The only device is Yoga. By Yoga Practice, we can bring out all our energies and make use of them. We should gain control over the mind and mental working. If we search for the origin of each thought, we can easily dismiss the thoughts. Mental powers generate from no mind state, from utter blankness. We should not depend on the mind for Spiritual development. Real wisdom and self-elevation have nothing to do with mind and thought.

Patanjali is mainly concerned with mind and control over the mind. Yoga is gaining control over the mind. According to Patanjali when we gain control over the mind new and fresh thoughts enter in, and we can reach new heights, we enter into spiritual domain. He described that state as ‘ATMA’ – what is ‘OUTER’ as we turn inside becomes ‘ATMIC’ – That is the other end of mind.

Basically Patanjali divides mind’s activity into five divisions, namely Knowledge, Wisdom, Remembrance, Forgetfulness and Sleep. Only these five states of mind ordain man in general. They observe man’s working and pass orders. When we analyze a thing, we gain certain knowledge about it. When we don’t analyze and accept truth, confusion prevails. When we mistake false as true, we launch in confusion. When mind is tired, we get sleep. We totally forget the world when our body is in sleep.

YOGA DOES NOT TEACH CONTROL OVER THE MIND BUT IT SHOWS THE WAYS AND MEANS TO GAIN POWER AND TEASE THE MIND. That is, what our modern psychology is doing. PATANJALI WAS A GOOD PSYCHOLOGIST AND PSYCHO-ANALYST. Patanjali believes that by pacifying the mind, human desires subside. In a state of no desire, man can shoot up spiritually because there will be no hurdles any more. So, MEDITATION REQUIRES THAT MENTAL BALANCE AND THOUGHT PACIFICATION.

It is not so much easy to reach that state. It looks strenuous in the beginning. The discipline is very hard to cope with. We don’t even find results favourably. DETACHMENT FROM WORLDLY PLEASURES IS NOT ALL EASY. We have to reduce our desires and wantings. We shouldn’t expect results for all our actions. Just doing as our duty – must be the way of life. IT IS NOT RENUNCIATION. IT IS JUST BALANCING THE MIND. When we are not hard and bound by desires we can progress vertically…. HORIZONTAL TRAVEL CANNOT BE CONSIDERED AS GROWTH AT ALL. When there is no sensuous feeling we go beyond SENSES. THAT STATE IS SAMADHI.

MANY PEOPLE FOLLOW THE LINE OF DEVOTION. IN REALITY DEVOTION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOGA. Devotion stands a support to faith. Faith is religion; faith is a chosen God or a Master. Belief in god helps to adhere to devotion. BECAUSE WE CANNOT CONCENTRATE ON NOTHINGNESS, SO, WE GIVE A FORM TO GOD AND DIVERT OUR ATTENTION TOWARDS THAT DEITY. WE CHANT IN SUPPORT OF HIM. WE PRAISE HIM IN A THOUSAND NAMES AND BEG HIM TO HELP US. THIS BEGGING BOWL BUSINESS IS CALLED DEVOTION. BHAKTHI CULT IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE TO COMMON, INNOCENT AND IGNORANT FOLK. This Bhakthi cult started with Krishna, which Lord Krishna before his Karma Yoga taught to the Gopikas. It was advented by Krishna. Later on many saint women like Radha, Meera and men of finer sentiment and feminine mind adopted. It is purely a Vaishnava trite. BY CHANTING THE GLORY OF LORD, PEOPLE LOSE THEIR PHYSICAL IDENTITY AND FALL IN FORGETFULNESS. MANY OF THEM MISTAKE THAT FATIGUE AS TRANCE.

It is utter blankness, utter confusion. That confused mindless state makes us big Confucius. It does not allow us to proceed further or to retreat. We should have utmost faith in what we practice, in what we do. We should not entertain a spec of doubt nor allow timidness. IN GENERAL, WE FACE MORE HURDLES AND SET-BACK THAN ENCOURAGEMENT. That is the pity. EXTERNAL FORCES AS WELL AS INTERNAL FORCES TRY TO OBSTRUCT AND HURT OUR FEELINGS. For example, Ill health, Despair, Laziness, financial problems, family troubles to name a few. EVEN A SMALL PROBLEM CREATES A BIG BREAK. IT ALL HAPPENS DUE TO LACK OF PROPER UNDERSTANDING. SO, WE HAVE TO FACE THE PROBLEMS FIRST AND COME ACROSS SOME HURDLES NEXT. In order to avoid and exceed these hardships Patanjali had formulated EIGHT PRINCIPLES.

The prime requisites of a disciple are pure thinking, simple and clean living and independent outlook. One should devoid of ego, selfishness, desires, fears, doubts and false notions. Just believing what we perceive is real, shows ignorance. Just believing that enjoying worldly pleasures is the goal of life shows our ego. If we give more importance to riches and pleasures, we multiply our desires. Hatred increases with intolerance. We fear because we don’t have understanding ABOUT LIFE AND DEATH. DEATH CAUSES THE GREATEST FEAR TO MAN.
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