Part 2 Swami Rama Tirtha on Real Work and Progress

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This continues and finishes from my first blog (because it was cut off due to length):

The self-condemned slums of the Universe are those who possess anything, the real Sudras are those who claim anything, the self-impeached prisoners in dingy dungeons are those who own anything, the pitiable atoms are those who are for accumulation. These suicides choking and strangling themselves in the dirty dust of riches calling themselves kings and presidents, some drowning themselves in the depth of darkness calling themselves doctors and philosophers, some befoundered in the quagmire of weakness and nervousness calling it strength, bottom-like taking airs of superiority at their very ludicrous condition, self-hypnotised to fish on dry floor -helplessly suffering from the nightmare of possession and property, these self-persecuting strange ascetics need emancipation and waking up. Down with the prerogatives and presumptions of wealth, knowledge, titles, and authority. Equality is the law of happiness. Savage greed, the animal instinct of clutching, grasping, and the worse than animal tendency to possess and accumulate keeps them hurried, worried, and flurried. Let the typhoid fever of arrogance and vain ambition be allayed. Let the inexorable Truth be instilled and drilled into every ear: 'Just inasmuch as thou hast possessed anything, thou hast been possessed and obsessed.'

"Be not oppressed by the pressure of Civilization or the ways of the world around you, O aspirer after Truth! Be not handicapped by the show and display of the so-called advancing nations. Their “facts and figures” are mere trickery of the senses, fables, and fictions; and their “hard cash or stern reality” is mere gossamer and will-o’-the-wisp. In the twentieth century the day is not far off when the progressing nations must change their forms of government or ways of living and fashion them on the principles of freedom and Vedanta. In renouncing the sense of possession, in adopting the spirit of Vedantic renunciation lies the salvation of nations as well as of individuals. There is no other way."

In all the civilized Western countries, suffering from the fever of thirst to accumulate, indigenous forces are strongly at work which soon, very soon, must wake up the self-stifled grubs from the nightmare of Possession. The Reign of Renunciation is to bless the world, the Kingdom of Freedom."

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Thanks for sharing this.
Just approprite for today's scenario!!!1

bonya basu | Tue, 02/14/2012 - 06:42