The parents recognize the appetite of children.

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91) You can buy a person with the wealth and turn him in to a slave to exhibit your ego. However remember that you can never buy his self-respect. Otherwise you may be a vic-tim of his wrath and anger.
92) The parents recognize the appetite of children. They are nourished with due care for a happy and healthy growth. On similar lines, I know what is good for my devotees. Ac-cordingly I advise them to be good to themselves and to the society as well.
93) Life is comparable to the planet Earth spinning around it and rotating round the Sun through the ages. Happiness symbolizes days and sorrow the nights. Journey through life is a continuous process. The sensitivity to a given situation depends upon how thick skinned one is. Happiness and sorrow are two faces of the same coin (life) and are purely a matter of personal experience and concern. Resort to Sai for the desired protection against all odds to enlighten the individual spiritually where every thing appears on the same plane.
94) The ordeals you have undergone, the feasts and fasts you have undertaken during the course of fulfilling your moral /social obligations and responsibilities are well known to me. I am bound by your devotion and I assure you that I shall stand by your side for a safe voyage.
95) Mother, youth, bonds of love (wife and children), Social status and position in office- are all passing phases during one's life. ‘Ram’ the (Master) and his devotee Hanuman (servant) are the only permanent entities in the universe. Therefore try your best to emu-late the ideal example to be liberated from all the bonds.