Paranormal experiences, Ghosts and Posession

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What is your opinion on hauntings, earth bound spirits, Posessions ect?

I use to be a paranormal investigator have had some wild experiences. However, the one experience I have never forgotten was what happened when I was 14. I was in Scouts at the time and we had gone to this campsite of scout camp to earn merit badges and all that. While I was there near the end of the week I began to have a stomach ache. So instead of going to lunch that day my friend and I stayed back at camp. During which something moved next to me while We were sitting at a picnic table in the tall grass. It grabbed my attention because I thought it was a snake. The tall grass started moving away from me(as if someone was walking through it or may some animal was) all of a sudden a dark black semi translucent shadow in a humanoid shape(dark then a typical shadow) manifested before us about 4 feet-6 feet way from me. It turned way and started to run and then proceed to scurry up a tree about 20 feet from me(maybe less) and then let out a shriek as it jumped into the bushes causing the bushes to shake. Instantly it disappeared. Need less to say I got up and ran to the closest pay phone and called my dad. Crying i yelled that I needed to go home now! He wanted to know why but I just said i needed to go. I went back to the campsite and packed up my things. I remember the Scout leader trying to convince me to stay but I said I wouldnt and I refused to tell him why I was leaving. Finally near dusk my dad and mom arrived in small white convertible and i got in the car.

As we proceed down the long dirt road to the entrance of the camp I told them what had happened. I was scared, and in shock really. As we passed through the gate I suddenly felt something grab my left leg and start to pull, I screamed and saw nothing down there but continued to feel the invisible grip tighening. (My mom was freaking out this time and I could feel the car start to pull over) Suddenly, I felt a huge pressure on my chest, I could no longer move nor speak. I just kept thinking "God help me, God help me!" I want to say it but the words would not come out. Finally, I was able to blurt out "God help me!" 3 times and I was released after the third plea. I could not sleep alone for a year.

Many of the things taught in this forum makes it difficult for me to comprehend how something like this could happen to me. My friend witnessed and my parents witnessed it. I could never deny nor forget such an experience!

Please share your thoughts or opinions



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Excellent story

I had such experiences many years ago. They were not pleasant and I learnt how to avoid them with the help of a healer. I have a friend who decided to use his same abilities to help others.

I found out that the non-acquired capacity from birth to be conscious of paranormal phenomena usually runs in the family. I was surprised to find out that this is the case also with me and my family when I started to question my atheist family members and discover things they preferred never to talk about.

I may write a bit about my experiences sometime. The good side of these experiences is that they proved to me beyond any doubt that there is something beyond the skeptic view and senses and thus put me on this blessed spiritual path.

BTW, I recommend you to read the following excellent piece:

carlito santo | Tue, 02/03/2009 - 01:29
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thanks for your insight!

Michaelji Mahatma Ramaprasad

Michael ji Rama... | Tue, 02/03/2009 - 03:40
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I feel...

I feel that we create our own experiences. Karma, too, is self-created and self-imposed (due to our attachments). Even death means nothing, if we are not attached to life.

Everyone is attached to 'something out there'. Whether it's other people, or the brain, or the body, or a guru, or whatever. We have to have these so-called 'reality checks'. Even if it's ghosts! ;-).

Enlightenment happens when these attachments drop off, and we 'stand alone'. For, aloneness is Oneness.

P.S. do we possess our possessions, or are we possessed by them? ;-).

Omkaradatta | Tue, 02/03/2009 - 10:10
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A great gift if fear is overcome

We may create our own experiences (in the metaphysical sense, not only in the cause-effect trivial sense) and we may not, it is a matter of belief by itself and it is not important - you don't use this argument for not eating, for not writing here, for not having sex etc. Paranormal events for those who experienced them are as real as for you eating or having sex. I mean real in the experiential sense, not the philosophical sense.

Being able to experience such events that completely contradict the mind's skeptic modeling of reality is a great blessing, a great grace enabling you to easily go beyond the mind (as long as the mind is not able to use its weapon for such cases: fear). This is the reason why sages sometimes do miracles in front of their followers - to have them realize that the science-based cause-and-effect mind's view of the world in which we so unconsciously believe is not true.

sonti | Wed, 02/04/2009 - 09:11
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It is important whether or not we create our own experiences. If we do, then we must control and direct our lives. If we do not, then there is no need. However, it's true that what is believed is not important as such. It must be investigated and the beliefs questioned.

Phroggy | Wed, 02/04/2009 - 19:36
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Are you sure that follows?

"It is important whether or not we create our own experiences. If we do, then we must control and direct our lives."

One need only control/direct if we *don't* create our own experiences, as we then feel the need to try and create our own experiences. Nyet?

Ultimately, everything is just happening. We are neither in control, nor out of control.

Omkaradatta | Wed, 02/04/2009 - 21:16
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People hear that they create their own experiences, and noting that their experiences are not entirely agreeable, they attempt to learn how to accomplish control. If it were in fact true that we were in control, it would be quite apparent and there would be no need to try to figure out how it's done.

If we don't create our own experiences, then what hope is there of control?

Phroggy | Thu, 02/05/2009 - 03:40
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As far as I see it...

As far as I see it, there's neither subject nor object in truth. In a sense, we're creating the experiencer of our experiences. It's that 'created experiencer' that seeks control or ownership of experiences.

In raw experience or perception (minus experiencer/perceiver), the notion of control doesn't arise. One cannot control what's happening this moment, one *is* what is happening.

Omkaradatta | Thu, 02/05/2009 - 03:55
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Vedanta and Ghosts

There is an interesting article on afterlife in a magazine run by Vedanta Center of Seattle: "An encounter with the "SUPERNATURAL" by Charles Mathias in "GlobalVedanta" a magazine published by Vedanta Center of Seattle.

Swami Bhaskarananda of the Vedanta Society of Western Washington in Seattle ...said, in a lecture on the afterlife, that while he had never seen one (ghost), he knew ghosts must exist according to the principles of Vedanta. All of existence resembles the electromagnetic spectrum. Just as there are worlds of phenomena at both ends of that spectrum that are beyond our senses' ability to perceive, there are innumerable planes of existence beyond our perception as well, and for much the same reason: they vibrate at rates our minds cannot "tune into". When a person dies, he or she moves to one of these vibration planes of lokas

Sometimes, usually when a person dies suddenly, the finality of the situation doesn't hit home, and the person tries to move back into the plane of the living. When that happens, well - such is the genesis of your average ghost.

The Swami then related two striking incidents from the life of Bijay Krishna Goswami, a saintly soul and a great admirer and devotee of Sri Ramakrishna. As it happens, Bijay Krishna Goswami was present at the deaths of two very different persons, one a lady of great spiritual attainments, the other a more or less average young man. Because of his highly evolved mind, Bijay Krishna Goswami was able to observe a series of events unseen by others around him.

In the first instance, as the saintly lady faded from this life her subtle body, appearing first as a faint glow, manifested itself more and more clearly until a perfect replica of the lady floated just above her gross body and attached to it be a shining cord. At the moment of death the cord snapped and the lady came to awareness in a bright body of extremely fine, or "subtle “matter. In the meantime, another person resembling her had appeared in the room; they left together, presumably for the next world.

The second instance was of even greater interest ... for it described the actual "birth" of a ghost. Though following roughly the same sequence of events as the death of the saintly lady, a few crucial differences
(attributable, no doubt, to the young man's comparative lack of spirituality) condemned him to a future of indeterminate duration in a ghostly state. The subtle body that formed above him failed to sustain its initially glowing state, undergoing an alternate cycle of brightening and dimming. When his cord snapped at the moment of death, there was no glow at all; his subtle body was dull and dark. Unable to understand what has happened to him, the young Mani ignored his doppelganger - the entity resembling him who had appeared at the moment of his death - and instead darted about the room, appealing with ever greater urgency for some sign of recognition from his friends and family -all to no avail. Meanwhile, his ghostly double, perhaps realizing the young man was too distracted to depart with him, disappeared. Finally, with one last desperate effort, the young man lunged towards his grieving wife and "broke through" briefly to the other side. The wife recoiling in horror screamed, “His ghost has come for me!" Baffled and rebuffed, with no guide to follow, the young man wandered off, apparently to begin a ghostly career.

.... the Swami mentioned one cultural difference between the East and the West in their attitudes toward other worldly manifestations. Apparently, Indians are puzzled by the Western tradition of ghosts that are pale and white - in their tradition, ghosts can also be dark, befitting what are essentially doorways into other dimensions.

From "An encounter with the "SUPERNATURAL" by Charles Mathias in "GlobalVedanta" a magazine published by Vedanta Center of Seattle.

Shaktipat | Mon, 02/09/2009 - 14:41
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Sri Ramakrishna's experience with ghosts

Here is an interesting incident that happened in Sri Ramakrishna's life (From "Sri Ramakrishna the great Master" by Swami Saradananda

That was a very nice day during the summer of the year, when Sri Ramakrishna got an invitation from his own female disciple whom he used to call Gopal-ma (Mother of Lord Krishna, as she would think about herself and would see Sri Ramakrishna as Bal-Gopal). She was a devout lady and used to live near to the banks of the Ganges not far from Dakshineswar, Calcutta. However, the house she was staying was known to be haunted and people said that the house was inhabited by some ghosts.

In the morning Sri Ramakrishna set for Gopal-ma's home and reached there with Rakhal (Later Swami Brahmananda). Gopal-ma was very happy to see Sri Ramakrishna and Rakhal and served them with delicious food. Both of them ate quiet satisfactorily and after the meal Gopal-ma asked them to take rest in a room upstairs. Rakhal and Sri Ramakrishna entered the room, where Rakhal feeling tired and sleepy lied down on the cot and laid down his head on Sri Ramakrishna's lap and soon passed into deep sleep.

Sri Ramakrishna was awake and was eating spices from his small bag where he would keep some spices always to take after meals. Hardly half an hour passed, when Sri Ramakrishna started getting a very bad smell from one corner of the room. The smell became stronger and almost unbearable and soon a shady, lanky figure appeared before him. The figure was that of a ghosts' and he spoke with rather a hoarse voice "Dear Sir, I am an old ghost living in this house for countless years. However, today when you have come in this house and especially in my room, I have started feeling immense pain as I do when any great holy man passes by. So, I do request you to leave me at peace and if possible leave this house in order to end my suffering." Saying this, the ghost disappeared. Sri Ramakrishna was an ocean of kindness. He understood the words of the ghost and hurriedly woke up Rakhal and without giving him any chance to speak, he left the house with him, of course bidding goodbye to Gopal-ma, but not telling her anything about the incident.

On the boat while going to the Dakshineswar Temple, a surprised Rakhal asked Sri Ramakrishna why he left the house in such a hurry. Sri Ramakrishna described the whole incident and said to him that the ghosts would not be able to do any harm to Gopal-ma, even if they would wish, because of her power of Tapasya or devotion to God. However, he asked Rakhal not to discuss this with Gopal-ma since she was a lone woman staying there in the house and there would be no meaning to add some worries to her mind.

(But Gopal-ma was well aware of the presence of the ghosts in the house and she was enough brave to not to get scared of them and never minded their staying with her :)

From "Sri Ramakrishna the great Master" by Swami Saradananda

Shaktipat | Mon, 02/09/2009 - 15:05