Parallel Lives, Reincarnation and Cloning

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As I said in another blog here recently:

"I tend to think that parallel lives exist, but that we experience them in sequence. Like you go through one life at a time, but when you come back in the next life, this could occur at the same earthly time as a previous life, like in parallel. I suspect that after being a human, you can come back as an animal, the kind of animal being most suited to your personality. I see this kind of reincarnation as akin to purgatory - if you are going to behave like an animal, you come back as one. So there may also be a heaven and hell for the very good or very bad, who don't have to come back again as animals. I also think I have tangible evidence of the existance of parallel lives. I keep several pets, and one of them I believe is a person I know, who is alive at present, but older than this pet. I'm pretty sure it's her in another life, same look, personality, voice etc. The person stalks me in real life, so it's not surprising that she would try to become my pet if given the opportunity. I actually have 2 copies of her at different pet ages, a couple of months apart. I'm pretty sure another of my pets is also a copy of another pet at a different age. I can talk to my pets telepathically, but that's another story.

This would explain how animals know certain things we call instinct. Is this innate knowledge or is it knowledge acquired from a previous life.

It is possible that a clone is the same person in another parallel or near parallel life, when they both are alive at the same time.

So cloning may be tangible evidence of parallel lives and also reincarnation, if the clone is the exact same individual (same personality) and not another, such as a twin. Identical twins usually look almost the same, but can have very different personalities.

I think that if reincarnation does exist, you don't come back being or looking like someone else. You will be recognisable as the same individual again, whether you become another human or an animal. Some of your appearance may be different, such as hair colour, but people will still recognise that it is you again, by your personality/general look/presence/voice etc. And yes, as another person said, you always hear people say that they were such and such a famous person in their previous life, but never an ordinary Joe Soap. I don't think you were somebody else. You would look very much the same, if you were to be a human in your previous life imo.
A clone may be just one kind of previous parallel life, but it wont make a human into an animal in their next life, for example. The clone would look almost exactly the same, same species, looks, hair colour etc."

If you have an experiences or evidence of parallel lives, reincarnation, cloning etc., let us know.