Paradise, Hell, & Heaven.

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Some people think that heaven and paradise are one with each other, regardless of there's a very big difference between heaven and paradise, paradise is the part of hell rather than that of heaven, IMO.

Like, there's a big beautiful palace, some are slaves, some are manager on different works, some are family members of the owner, and somebody is owner, among all the people who lives there. Yes, this beautiful palace is like a paradise to the one who is owner, or the family of the owner, But this same place is like a hell to people who are slaves there, and this same place is niether like a heaven, or like a hell to the people who are on the work of management there. Similary, paradise is hell for some souls, indeed its the part of Hell.

Whereas heaven is the place which is equal for all the souls, indeed all souls are one with each other at this place. Like, a drop who no more a drop after getting into the sea, Simalrly, soul is no more a soul after getting one with God.