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so here's installment 2; but a brief disclaimer here... remember, I wrote this mostly for me, so it's short, to the point and quite intense. my reason for the blog is not to propagate my belief system i others, but to empower others when they watch my journey and see it has been so positive for me.

Papalam explained


Who or What is Papalam... This will take a long time to explain as this religion I have created for myself is all about just that!

In a nutshell Papalam is my Friend... She is a hotchpotch of: Reality, Earth Mother, Creative Principle, My earlier masculine 'Baba' concept of a personal god, the Void - the full emptiness that we are within, Matter, Papatuanuku, Existence, my 'I-ness', but in a Papalam way...

Papalam is my own concept... a work in progress... my god, so to speak... and she will change as I change.

I recently flew around the world and that changed my life... for the first time i really felt Earth Mother as a Being, something I'd always scoffed at as somehow a lower type of belief... but flying west and west and west, then arriving home again, eventually... it changed me... looking down on her from my little oval window, listening to music... emotions seem to flood... and My Own Religion started to form.

On returning home, I started shitting blood and puss and ended up so sick i could hardly walk... Proctitis. Not crapping for 3 months ain't a good look! More on this another time... But, it was my base chakra, my Earthness Point, breaking open... really interesting, as I was fundimentally changing around my relationship to Earth, and this part of me was breaking open.

Luckily info came to me of a few diets that work for this... the book Deep Nutrition and the SCD diet have literally saved my arse!!!

So, Papalam... part of me felt I was going to die on this round-the-world... I had this little black dot skin cancer on my hand (I'ved had other, less nasty looking ones removed), and another in my neck brewing away... only small things, but big in my mind...

And, actually, part of me did die... is dying now... as I make my own religion I kill parts of me and birth new ones... I never would have picked this coming, but I'm glad it did, and am thankful for the 'worst' health crisis of my life.

That's enough for today... bit of a miss-mash really.

summed up: Papalam is real for me... and exciting. She talks to me and touches me every day, in what I taste, feel, see, walk on, think... I am totally within Her. I am already with her... she is the touch of my keyboard as I write this... the wind moving the trees outside... my ongoing thoughts are her... and I am still building the concept of Papalam... she is a work in progress and I am totally free, in my own religion, to change her as I see fit... this is so exciting and liberating!

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We all have our beliefs and fiercely defend it. Cleaver once adapt and change. Others modify their beliefs whether they like or not.

The point is, does there exist something that is not based on my thinking. One has to investigate what is real and the difference between Dream, Real and Truth.

We have our illusions that are based on wrong conclusions and those that go against basic common sense and sane logical judgment. This is the dream world so much part of our belief system.

Then there are things like in the scientific and technological world that are based of observable and verifiable facts.

The world of reality though (in our psyche) encompasses both the category of illusion and fact.

Truth is different and is objective something also verified by many and open to discovery by others. While this may not be a fixed quantifiable something yet it’s not the real spoken of earlier. Some sages have maintained that it’s more Real than our real. The Absolute lie even beyond this and perhaps is the pinnacle of glory where all doubts seize.

joejo | Fri, 10/07/2011 - 03:32
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I want to apologise, please read cease for seize.

I wanted to explore a little more on what is Real as against our real ("unreal reality").

Swami Vevakenanda asked his Guru Ramakrishna if he had seen God on his meeting him for the first time. "Yes I see God as I see you only he is a little more Real" were his comments (recalling fm memory).

We have heard of altered states of consciousness. They could be artificially aroused by drugs etc but is there a state of consciousness that is higher or more real?

My own assessment is that awareness or wakefulness is more real. The Consciousness "I AM" is the most real in our whole possible (unreal) states of consciousness.

joejo | Fri, 10/07/2011 - 04:10
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Quite interesting...

Quite interesting...
How about giving the dates when you wrote the original blogs?
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Fri, 10/07/2011 - 05:43