PANCHADASI--- part 26

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E yext source- 246. The whole world is a product of the inscrutable Maya; be convinced of this and know that the fundamental real principle is non-duality.
247. (Doubt): If the idea that duality is real occurs again and again in daily life ? (Reply): Repeatedly practise negating this erroneous idea of duality. What is the difficulty in doing so ?
248. (Doubt): How long should one continue this practice ? (Reply): It is a trouble to continue the pursuit of unreal duality, not so is that of non-duality. For by the practice of non-duality all miseries are destroyed.
249. (Doubt): But even after realisation I suffer from hunger and thirst. (Reply): Who denies it? This suffering is in your egoity (a product of duality) expressed in your use of ‘I’.
250. (Doubt): The sufferings may come to the immutable Self, because of identification with the body. (Reply): Do not subject yourself to this identification which is due to mutual superimposition, but practise discrimination for its removal.
251. (Doubt): The superimposition, which is due to the first impressions, suddenly may occur, because of the beginningless association of Jiva and Avidya. (Reply): Then begin new impressions of non-duality by means of repeated discrimination of the truth.
252. Do not say it is reasoning alone which demonstrates the unreality of duality and not our experience, for we daily experience that mysterious is the nature of the world.
253. (Doubt): Consciousness too is mysterious. (Reply): Let it be. We do not say that consciousness is not mysterious, for it is eternal.
254. Consciousness is eternal, for its non-existence can never be experienced. But the non-existence of duality is experienced by consciousness before the duality assumes manifestation.
255. That duality of the phenomenal world is like the pot which is non-existent before it comes into being. Still, its creation is inexplicable. So it is unreal like a product of magic.
256. Now you see that both consciousness and the unreality of the world are immediately experienced, so you cannot still maintain that non-duality is not experienced.
257. (Doubt): Tell me why some who know this truth of Vedanta are still not satisfied with it ? (Reply): First tell me why the materialists, who know logic, still believe the body to be the Self ?
258. (Doubt): The materialists cannot properly discriminate owing to some defect in their intellect. (Reply): Similarly all those who are dissatisfied with Vedanta have an inadequate comprehension of the truth.
259. The Shruti says that he who has banished from his heart all indwelling desires attains immortality. This is not merely a statement; a knower’s actual experience proves it.
260. In another passage it is stated that all the knots of the heart are loosened at the rise of true knowledge. The term ‘knots of the heart’ has been explained in the commentary to mean the desires of the heart.