Overcoming The Final Obstacle To Spiritual Awakening

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"Even behind your thoughts,
emotions, and physical experience,
there is still a sense of separation.

And this sense of separation hurts,
not in a physical sense
but energetically.

It is uncomfortable.

But this sense of separation
is not a thing,
it is an action.

It is something you are doing.

You are avoiding this moment.

You are constantly avoiding
being present in this moment.

The irony is,
the moment you fully allow yourself
to rest in the moment,
the discomfort goes and
there is an explosion of energy.

You find that this infinite power
that you have been seeking for so long
has been right here the whole time.

But at the same time,
the moment you allow yourself
to be fully here,
the ego vanishes.

You still exist,
but not as an ego.

And so through all of your transformation,
you free yourself from emotions,
you free yourself from the mind,
and then you reach this core experience
of avoidance,
and you want to run the other direction.

For some reason,
it is too much to surrender.

By instinct,
the ego wants to survive.
You do not want to give up control.

So you seek more problems,
more solutions, more teachings
and knowledge.

Anything but surrendering
to this intensity of this moment.

Just by being aware
of this constant urge
to avoid this moment,
half the battle is won.

Because once you see
that you are doing it,
you can stop doing it.

And the ultimate experience
is unconditional peace.

It is what you have been
looking for the whole time.



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