Our true strength- A letter to a friend

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Beloved soul,

I remember being ragged and bullied in school, I remember how violence on friends and loved ones during riots after Indira Gandhi's assassination, nearly wiped out the Sikhs from New Delhi, I keep reading everyday how infants and young kids are abducted and violated. I see anger and fury all around, but realise that the suffering CAN be alleviated to an extent with strength- whether physical or otherwise. No one messes with people who can protect their rights. It was Martin Luther King Jr., who had a dream of equality, and he gave his life for it- but he left behind an immense force...
When I was invited to speak to a group of tribal women from central India, who had converted to Christianity, and were working at the homes of the rich and famous, I found a simple lot of young girls, barely able to hold their own, away from their homes- for they had to look after their illiterate parents, brothers and sisters, back in their villages. There were such hopes attached to their wages- a paltry, $ 15- $20 per month...
When I had been called to encourage them, it was after two such girls had been found raped and murdered - their hands tied behind their backs, and their bodies shoved into trunks... There were over 300 girls shaken and helpless- torn between the fear of staying on in the city of dreams and terror, and providing sustenance for their families...
I gave a talk, and started a martial arts training programme for them. Regular counselling sessions and periodic checks were also started, structures were put in place with a condition that at no time were they ever to be alone. In case the owners left the premises, the girls were to be sent back to their missions- however short the period of absence- or the local police station was to be informed.
These and various other structures have become their strength, and it feels safe for these girls to walk again.
Wherever possible we must put up such deterrents- strength in numbers, strength in policies, strength in structures, strength in military might(Everywhere today), strength in moral values(Islam), strength in peaceful disobedience(that was Gandhi's Weapon), strength in wisdom(Buddha), strength in love(Jesus), strength in diplomacy, strength in self-realisation...
As we grow older, the physical strength in our own bodies becomes diminished. The world we have made around us is of our own making- we can make it our strength if we choose so. I cannot even begin to believe that I will ever be weak again and this is so because I have chosen to create my strength through wisdom, and through friends like you...

Ever yours


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Speaking for myself

I can only speak for myself: My true strength is not others. In fact, when I create 'otherness', I create weakness and dependency for my Self. When I see only my Self, you are my Self, too.

Am I headed in the right direction? I see no direction, for I am not in movement from 'here to there'. Time/perception pass by Me, I do not pass by them.

No longer living by memory, the past is helpless to trouble me. In fact, the past IS Me -- my own memory, arising Now, which surely is not separate from the perceiver of that memory.

> No one messes with people who can protect their rights.

My right is only to Be. When I attach to something external, immediately I am vulnerable. When I do not, I am invulnerable.

The universe is changing too rapidly to be known, let alone attached to. Accepting this, I know nothing and am attached to nothing. I am He to whom all appears, and disappears.

... but I forgot, this is the 'real' world, and we're all in a consensus agreement to ignore all this stuff ;-).



Omkaradatta | Mon, 02/09/2009 - 03:31