Our Self Development / Spiritual Journey

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Self Development / Spiritual Journey is a most amazing Journey you will ever embark on.

It never ends and it is always successful because an invisible driver (our soul) directs the Journey.

Our commitment to grow as spiritual beings is always beautifully rewarded.

Understanding Your Body Mind and Soul

Our body is a chariot, horses are thoughts and emotions, and the charioteer is the soul.

The chariot, horses and the charioteer, a body, mind, and soul, they all play a role in the speed of our movement towards enlightenment and the state of happiness we are able to achieve.

If the horses (thoughts and emotions) lead the self development / spiritual journey, the chariot (body) might never move or it might move too fast or take the opposite direction. There are two mistakes we could make:

- if the horses (thoughts and emotions) are strained or abused they might die of exhaustion before reaching the destination; or
- if the horses (thoughts and emotions) are let loose they will stop to do whatever they please, they will fight and will not care less about the charioteer (the soul).

And if the chariot (our body) is not in a good condition, it will break during the self development journey. If the chariot is not oiled properly, not taken care of, it will get damaged or fall apart as soon as there is an obstacle, a stone in the way, or a bit of rough road. The body has to be respected.

On the spiritual path we become aware of our imperfections, our thoughts and feelings, and we start our journey of discoveries. We purify ourselves removing biological, emotional and mental blockages, to become healthier and happier. This process of spiritual discoveries requires commitment and strong willpower.

This is an exciting journey and all through the centuries, gurus and sages of different spiritual paths have designed spiritual tools and techniques that to lead us towards:

Healthier Body & Food for Health

We become conscious of our habits, our diet, our home environment, our addictions to medicine, drugs and various stimulants (alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugars), to sex, gambling, shopping, constant stimuli, etc. This awareness is a big step within our self-development journey to change.

Conscious Emotions

In an attempt to become conscious of emotional blockages, overcome addictions and cravings, we focus on love, peace and harmony within our lives; we will explore the amazing world of emotions.

Free Mind

To purify mind we start with the consciousness that energy follows thought. It is important that we free ourselves of negative beliefs and thoughts, that we stop gossiping, judging or criticizing.

Soul - Listen to Your Soul

Our soul whispers to us constantly. When we understand the power of mind and the way the soul communicate with us, we can help ourselves live in harmony.

So our self development journey is led by the charioteer (soul), and we need to learn to listen to soul’s whispers...

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Self development is a way of life

Self Development is a way of Life. Our Self Development never ends. We are never too young or too old for personal growth.

Nuit | Mon, 04/22/2013 - 23:32
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Self Development and growth

Thank you Nuit!

Self development shouldn't be separated from life - it is a conscious way of life - always working on expressing our highest potential...

mariojones | Thu, 05/09/2013 - 18:32