Our problem is Knowledge

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I think the fundamental problem with us is that we give tremendous importance to thought or mental consciousness. In such a case the thought and the word becomes all important. Politicians and Gurus ( pseudo) exploit this weakness of ours and dupe us with sweet little nothings. Why don't we understand that description is not the described. Why are we in such a tremendous hurry to know, to become enlightened, to succeed that we fall a prey to illusions.

Creating healthy doubt or skepticism is desirable. We wrongly presume that one knows the meaning of sincerity. If one characteristics that could identify us, it is the habit of lying. I don't mean the deliberate lies that we speak to get along in life, but the very lying to oneself. Truthfulness is the highest virtue,. Satyam or Truth is God goes the pithy Vedic saying.

The litmus test is to ask ourselves-- why we have a self-image and all the tremendous effort that we make to protect it. It becomes so very easy to get hurt then. We go at any length to fish for compliments and be recognised. I wonder if my writing this blog is not a part of this silly game.

Seeing is not a one time affair. We must maintain a critical and watchful approach at all times and acknowledge the false when we see it. My blog on veil theory is also related to this topic.

Errors are inevitable but to be open and see them is what counts.

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Not knowledge but our relationship with knowledge

Our problem is not knowledge but our relationship with knowledge.

And this is actually what you speak about.

It is just the title which is erroneous.

angel76 | Wed, 02/24/2010 - 20:38