Our Own Human-ness is the Doorway to Peace & Oneness

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"I talked to my Dad today. He has Alzheimer's
and had to go into full time care and he is upset.

Knowing my Dad is upset makes me unhappy.
I don’t want him to suffer.

In allowing my unhappiness and his unhappiness
the force of peace takes over.
Everything becomes one. One radiant peace.

Me, my Dad, the suffering, you, the world,
it all dissolves into consciousness.

That oneness overpowers everything.
Everything is felt as peace.

That does not mean at the human level,
my Dad’s unhappiness has changed
or my unhappiness that he is unhappy has changed.
That level of perception has simply dissolved
into consciousness where everything is felt
as its essential nature of peace.

The problem is we are always obsessed with
trying to make the human level different than it is.
We are trying to make ourselves as human beings
different than we are, others different than they are.
Judging ourselves for our own experience.

And that is what keeps us stuck in duality.
As though your experience is supposed to different,
the world is supposed to be different.

That judgment maintains your experience
of separation and suffering.
It separates you from the very peace that you crave.

The moment you see that this is the way it is
and give yourself the freedom to allow that,
be that naked, allow everything to be that naked,
then the essential reality of oneness and peace is revealed.

The essential peace takes over everything.

The human being will never transcend itself.
The human being is a human being,
that is its nature and it is perfect; it is Divine.

The transcendent level of consciousness
that is peace, bliss, love and oneness
is already here as the foundation of everything.
It is just a matter of awakening to it.

When we allow the humanness,
our attention stops being bound by it
and is freed into the essential universal peace
that makes up everything.

Otherwise we are imprisoned by our own judgments
and peace remains just a concept.

Much love,


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