Other side of Fear

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Generally people love courage compare to fear but here I want to highlight other side of fear which benefit all human being in different ways.
Fear of bad keeps us to do good works.
Fear of fail in examination ,fear of uncertain feature keeps student to study hard.
Fear of disease aid, swine flu, cancer etc keep us to do any bad mischief regarding our daily habits.
Fear of disease keeps to do daily exercise, intake of routine medicine to stay healthy.
Fear of police keep us to behave good.
Fear of accident keep us to drive safely.
Fear of war keep country calm from fighting.
Fear of death keeps us to praying god.
Fear of rape keeps women alert .
Fear of theft keep us to protect our wealth.
New its tends to send spiritual mail with caution note mail to many people even not believe in spirituality or god.



Fearlessness is the greatest message of Swami Vivekananda; and he spoke that 'fear is the greatest sin'.
Fear keeps the person bound in "Dualism". Fear has to wash away just as darkness goes away on the dawn of the sun if someone desire to ascend to Dualism. After having ascended the Dualism someone goes to the stage of Non-Dualism(Advaita), all pervading oneness of Aatmaa(soul); ultimately which is the manifestation of Self-realization.

NIDHI PARKASH | Fri, 06/18/2010 - 17:41
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This My post having no connection with spirituality its only general human observations.

Trilok | Sat, 06/19/2010 - 05:26


Observation means to see, understand, taking the meaning for thoughtful assimilation, to look something through general recognition; so you are saying it is general observation, Okay it is. But don't forget that you are on the spiritual site on account of which views on your general theme should have to come from general spiritual thinking.
It is good if you are on this you also must have spiritualist.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 06/20/2010 - 04:25
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Tarlok you first see title

you first see title of blog .
you have no need not to remember me that i am on which site and you are not decider of who is spiritual or nonspiritual.
If you don't like don't reed.

Trilok | Sun, 06/20/2010 - 13:48

> Tarlok you first see title

Hello Brother Tarlok/Trilok,

Each one has one's own views as having been between both of us; among these views some may be in similarity while those of others may be in contrast.
Now your reply is seen in general as below:-

1.Tarlok = Trilok

2.you first see title of blog.
What is in the title of blog which could not be seen on account of which you felt and forced to write----------'YOU FIRST SEE TITLE OF BLOG'. Certainly, you genius mind is of the view to indicate the other side of it while perhaps persons like me could not be capable to see in other side to which you want to be seen by others.

3.you have no need not to remember me that i am on which site and you are not decider of who is spiritual or nonspiritual.
While you are posting on this site so why not myself have no right to remember you at the time of observations of blogs in general? These are perhaps two sides of your advocated blog of other side of fear in view of which seeing your blog is one side and not to see has been other side as per the theme of your blog. Assuredly you will be considered on Gurusfeet site through your writing of blogs/quotes etc.; difficult to ignore you while you posting something and coming to eye catches for reading either wantedly or unwantedly; therefore, the outcome of the decision natural to happen regarding that some is spiritualist or vomiting the negativity in the form of spiritulist.

4.If you don't like don't reed.
How can you be spared from reading when your blogs etc. will come before me; on coming chance to read your blogs that will be read with the outlook of spirituality only; If need arise then proper comments as may seem to me will be supplied as myself have been depending on my own deciding stuff.
From Nidhi Parkash Sharma


NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 06/20/2010 - 17:34
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Tarlok Hello brother Nidhi

Hello brother Nidhi Prakash .
There are so many populer blog on this site not related to spirituality ,like verious subjects,sex,how to behave in sex party,fear fundamental,ego bliss,low of success,mind etc...
Fear plays most important parts in human to become spiritual or non spiritual.Spirituality is connected with human being, human are connected with society,human feeling,emotions,tradition are closly connected with spirituality.you can not saperate them from human.
Fear also one of them.
There is no rule to bound any body's personal thoughts.
Every body has write to express their thoughts freely.
You can see my other blog Named More on blog and comments.

Trilok | Tue, 06/22/2010 - 05:32


Each one(user) has been utilizing the liberty of gurusfeet according to ones own thinking, ideas, objects but in real sense it pertains to spiritual community; however, there are some users who posted their blogs/forums with the stuff of sex, behaving in sex party, fear fundamental, ego and some thing other & other etc. but they are also trying to justify their views into this site with the motto to mental satisfaction, spirituality in their scope of thinking. Body is the garment of the soul and these things being blogged hereby have the quality of attachment in gross sense and vritti is raajasic guna. These are thickening the layers of our gross bounds which is the storation of material for bodies designing in the next lives. In Tantra Sex is also used for spiritual practices; hence, some is attracted to this aspect they speak it is an energy and some philosophers as Osho etc. have strengthened this path and there are some taantrics have engaged in such saadhanaas.
Fear is vikaar in the nature of humanity and also in all other creatures. fear is the imposition of discipline but it is temporary as the state of Dualism is unreal(temporary) because fear promotes the Dualism. Where there is two and more than two there may be the element of fear but where is only the one there is no fear and that one is called non-dualism.





Victory to Mother Kundalini.

NIDHI PARKASH | Wed, 06/23/2010 - 16:54