OSHO (1931 – 1990)

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OSHO is a name, the twentieth century cannot afford to forget. HE WAS THE LAST PERSON OCCUPIED THE LAST PAGES OF 20TH CENTURY SPIRITUAL HISTORY. The reason is simple. He created some History. Undoubtedly OSHO was descendant of Gowthama Buddha and Jiddu Krishna Murthy. Intellectually he can be placed along with Sri Aurobindo of Pondicherry and Swami Vivekananda. He is the offspring of Rama Krishna Parama Hamsa, Ramana Maharshi and Shiridi Sai. IN OTHER WORDS HE BELONG TO ALL CULTS. He is made up of pieces patched with different colors and different textures. We can find many personalities in one person, many faces in his face, He is OSHO. Some time back he was Bhagavan Rajneesh. Even before that he is simply Acharya Rajneesh.

In India people even today hesitate to accept OSHO as a Guru, Master and Spiritual leader. When we study him from the Indian standards, he may not be a Guru. Undoubtedly he is a spiritual leader all over the world. That leadership is in his blood. He is a rebel, a revolutionary and what not.

1931 October 11, delivered Mohan Chandra Rajneesh in to this world. A tiny village near Kailash in Madhya Pradesh State, India, was his native place. Even from boyhood he was childish and adventurous. He was an expert in hypnosis. By his hypnotricks he became popular among his schoolmates and neighborhood. By hypnosis he trespassed into the past lives. In the last incarnation he lived seven centuries back as Marma Yogi. He lived in the mountain regions, alone in a hermit. He lived for 106 years in that life. At the cost of life, he tried to attain Moksha, fasted for twenty-one days. He failed. On the last day of his fast, before demise, he spectacled future birth, In order to bridge the gulf between the East and West. He died three days early before completion of schedule of Deeksha. When he was born again, as Rajneesh, for three days there was no movement in him. He remained as if he was in Samadhi. He did not cry for three days. In another birth, he was a Christian bishop, by name Bernort. He killed many a Tantric by his powers.

As a boy, Rajneesh was very much attached to his maternal grand father. He loved the old chap immensely. Rajneesh had a close watch while the grandfather was in deathbed. He observed the process of dying and had a probe into the nature of death. “EVERY BODY WILL DIE. WHY SHOULD I LOVE ANYBODY”. With death he began to contemplate death, its pros and cons. In the process, whenever some one is on death trial, he used to be present there. He used to follow to the burial ground, observe the last rites. At times, during the dead silence of mid-nights, he visited the burial ground and scrutinized the corpse consuming to flames.

Two incidents moved Rajneesh much. One, the sudden death of his beloved girl Sasi. He loved her and wanted to marry her. The second incident is the death of Mahatma Gandhi. His girl friend ‘Sasi’ in her next birth entered his life as ‘Sheela’. The reality must be known to Rajneesh only. He lived with Sheela. Rajneesh was dangerously dangerous. He allowed poisonous serpents creep all over his body. He used to jump into waters from seventy feet height. He even swam into whirlpools.

Rajneesh took his M.A (Master of Arts) degree in 1957 from Sagar University and joined as a lecturer in Jabalpur. Then started his double-edged life. Instead of lessons of the subject he began to teach sex and freedom of sex to students. He even strongly criticized matrimonial relations as absurd and unnecessary. As a result he was dismissed. He even began to criticize religions and religious heads. He did not even spare Jainism to which he belonged. Thus he began to propagate a new theory of life and living. He was considered a sexist, a pervert, anti-religious, anti-traditional. He began to teach free sex through dynamic meditation. He founded a new theory. He formulated a different style to attract the youth of the West.

Rajneesh shifted to Bombay in 1970. Nearly fifty enthusiasts joined him. All are Indians. For a good period he traveled all over India giving public speeches wherever he was invited. Two years after he spread his net through Video, Audio and TV medium. It clicked on the western television. Enthusiasts from the west began to arrive. Then he started Dynamic Meditation. Generally he likes loneliness and living in darkness. During 1970 Rajneesh initiated to some Indian friends. In the beginning he used to treat his followers as friends. He never had an inclination to be a Guru. The inflow of Westerners leads him astray. His style changed, out-look changed and make up also undergone rapid changes. He allowed only the rich and the popolar people. He never allowed the poor and the common enthusiasts. In 1981 he started the Puna Ashram on a grand scale. It seems to be the first Five Star Ashram in India. It attracted thousands of men and women from all countries of the world. In order to please the foreign disciples, he taught free sex as Tantric system of Yoga. He enticed them all with cruel vulgar jokes and encouraged them to enjoy as they wish. With that he became a sex Yogi. He became popular with his wise teaching and speeches and became unpopular with his over actions and over sexuality.

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