Origins of Origin and Originality

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Whatever or who-so-ever it may either an original or a duplicate!

Duplicates as they get compounded; they are often confounded too.
Originals as collectibles are: yearned for, owned, respected,
demanded, commanded and hounded, till eternity.
They are seldom if ever; reprimanded.
They are perpetually; demanded.
As they are never " On Hand " !

Original: People, Thoughts, Ideas, Products, Efforts, Plans,
Campaigns, Features, Creators, Entertainers etc.
They originate to dominate.
Their origins are original.
Never Duplicate.
Always original! to be duplicated and replicated after they happen.
As they do happen once in a while.

Oscar Wilde who was one of those rare originals, wrote: "Most people
are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinion, their
lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation."

That is the best example I could think up of to site on originality,
and its meaning vis a vis people and their lives.
Their life times.

Origin must be having its origins too.
It has for sure.
Within talented individuals who make and break records.
Who leave an indelible mark on sands of time.
Surreal to an extent but sublime to a large!

Originality! where and how does it originate from?
How does it originate and then slowly permeate?
To obliterate...duplicates!
In all walks of Life.
Through relentless struggle and strife.

How does it get to substantiate itself with: ides of time.
I mean; originality how does it ultimately substantiate itself, and
make itself finally stand out! as a one time great?
Rather than get common and kind of, out of date.
As most of the times we ordinary mortals... are extra-ordinarily late.
Late in arresting and sustaining originality: within us.
Thereby; instead of being before time and original, we tend be, late!
Late in arresting nurtured original thoughts.
Morphing them into actions.
Bold and brave.
As we internally yearn and crave.
Since we were naive, slaves.

We are late...only and to duplicate: Everything! including our own
thoughts, lives and well being!
Duplicate, triplicate ,as we replicate and propagate.
Through repetitive non progressive education and experiences.
Through our inert inability to arrest that annoying inefficacy.
Like a concubine thought !

There by we are not an original being of our original thinking.
Our Being as such is duplicated due to such and other several
concubine-thought type reasons.
Concubine thinking within our cocooned, educated-brick-in-the wall
types of minds.
Matured through education that is solely pursued for materialistic
life's and lifestyles.
Mundane, shallow, selfish and short lived.
Always duplicated and never original.
Clinging concubine thoughts.

Originality originates in original set of mind sets.
That do not get set as such through worldly education and experiences.
I know and am convinced that the origin lies in our mind sets, in what
is now recognized and acknowledged in many-an-individuals' , "
Super-consciousness ".

That word has now found a solid ground and following.
There are more believers and ins-tillers in that form and feel.
More takers. More mind tillers.
More staker's too.
As it is no longer; A Secret.
' The Secret ' that it was... till the publishing of the out-seller,
bestseller, book! " The Secret ".

Now that it is out, I hope and pray that; originals are on the anvil
always, and in the making, all the time.
More surreal and sublime than ever.
Free too.
Free to duplicate and replicate originality.
Free to emancipate and accelerate:
Excitement,experiment,excellence,and enthrall, that were once upon a
time considered to be; but are no longer,the largess of the few and
far fetched.
As minds and mindsets are indeed originals and should be allowed to
remain that way.

To bloom and to fructify.
Selflessly and perpetually.
Like eternal original music...and unlike short-lived duplicate Echos !
To elate and elevate.
May be levitate too.
Life,lives and life styles.

Are you a mundane or an original ?
Do you believe in yourself ?
In your original mind ?
In change?

Do you also believe and delve in:Super-consciousness! ???
Then let go of the mundane.
To gain.
Through pain and perseverance.
To happen as yet another original.
To rule and remain.
Through refrain.
To originate as your own original self.


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Originals and plastic flowers

This is so true. There are the originals and there are the plastic flowers and you have this unexplainable capability to identify the originals like you identify the one you love.

It reminds of the blog post in

dora | Sun, 07/05/2009 - 22:13
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On Origins

May this the coming Guru Purnima enlighten our lives as never before.


Arunodaya | Mon, 07/06/2009 - 02:57