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In this battle with head and neck cancer, music has been an enormous help in taking focus back into the heart and consciousness rather than pain of the body. In writing this electronic music piece called 'Ching Theory', I wanted to impart a journey from one end of experience to another. The transition between experiences comprising the way, the path and the journey but not necessarily a destination.

The title doesn't mean anything in particular but a play on the the scientific theorum 'string theory'. The music is from the weekly blog I write called 'Psiplex'. This is a made-up term that means dealing with the complexity of the veil of life and the lifting of same to reveal the true self. This doesn't intend to refer to any sort of mystical experience but to provide an entry point into personal understanding.

The music track 'Ching Theory' can be listened to at this link:

Please enjoy and if you have time, leave a comment, suggestion or response.

One Love