The Origin & Growth of Yoga - 2

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- Master Sarvari Namaskaram -
- Master CVV Namaskaram -

As we process, our ego begins to subside giving way to peace of mind and sublimity. That sublime state of mind begins to yield wisdom and higher knowledge. That work is autonomous. This autonomous knowing is called self-knowledge. It is a natural phenomenon. That is humanity transforming into divinity through perfection.

Hatha Yoga: Through Hatha Yoga one can achieve bodily health, Physical purification some extent. The main purpose of Hatha Yoga is physical health and mental clarity. They believe in pure mind in pure body principle. So they try to purify their bodies with Hatha Yoga exercises. It is needless to say, no human, however strong he is in body build up cannot keep it all through his life. Surely the physical body deteriorates some time or other. Old age will have its adverse effects on the body and mind. The self alone that does not deteriorate even in old age. Besides, it rejuvenates, as we develop our yoga culture. There are two sections in Hatha Yoga namely Asanas (bodily exercises) and Pranayama (breath regulations). Pranayama is done with a systematized control of breath. It supplies more and more oxygen to lungs. Thus it regulates and purifies blood and helps in circulation. That is considered a key to good health. Asanas are 105 in number. Some of them are useful exercises, some others are just mudras, postures for meditation. An ordinary person does not need more than four to five Asanas. The mores Asanas we practice, the more strain we invite. To cure one single disease, we don’t swallow all kind of medicines; practice of all Asanas irrespective of their need will certainly harm any healthy person. One has to practice these Asanas under the supervision of an expert. Mere book knowledge does not help in matters of spiritual importance.

Raja Yoga: Raja Yoga is not like Hatha Yoga. One can practice any Raja Yoga without a Guru, with small guidance. No danger awaits. But to acquire immediate results one should take the advice and help of a senior, if not a Guru. It is always better to have a Guru to practice any kind of Yoga. There are number of Yogis who could master Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Buddhi Yoga and Gnana Yoga independently. They do have a Guru for namesake, but meditate in their own style. Really a sadhaka. Who registers some progress and enjoys spiritual experiences need no help from any Guru.

In olden days people lived in peace. They didn’t have much work to do. So, they used to lead a happy slow life. Now, man doesn’t have that much peace. Earning and living goes hand in hand. Terrible tensions prevail everywhere. Man is busy and restless. The restlessness causes mental tension, tension causes worry, worry causes innumerable diseases and problems. In order to relieve from that tension man needs Yoga. Today, we practice yoga not for god’s sake or for Moksha. It is just for freedom. It is just to get some relief. The need of yoga is more today than the past. Psychology in the western countries became a substitute for yoga. It is doing some part time work. In India and other Eastern countries Yoga flourished better than the psychology in the west. Today we find a number of cults becoming popular in the label of Yoga. All that practice yoga; do not aspire miracles and mystic powers. They need only peace of mind and prosperity in day-to-day life.

We need not renounce any thing or any body for the sake of Yoga. Renunciation is a meaningless word to ordinary intellect. Today we don’t find a Buddha or a Ramana Maharshi or a Sai. The saffron robes and ashramite life became more costly than the star hotels. The swamijis live in pomp. Except their orange dress and beards, they enjoy all sorts of pleasures and pastimes more than anybody else. They teach other, they never follow or adopt their own teachings. They label themselves as god men and incarnations of some unknown god.

Man, in general, needs pleasure, happiness and long life. Even our swamijis are no exception. For ordinary men and women and the so-called spiritual beings and godheads desires are common. Joy derived on fulfillment will be the same. Who cares for heaven and heavenly pleasures. When you enjoy similar pleasures here on earth, who knows whether there awaits. Heaven and divine damsels. Man is primarily interested in life on earth, because no guaranty for a better life is promised by anybody, however great a god head may be.

Now a days, yoga fits in the frame of human needs and human demands. It finally helps for salvation. We need not renounce anything for the sake of Yoga. We can continue our busy life and attain Yoga powers abundantly. Needless to say we are in transition. We are entered in the new Era called “Satya Yuga”.

The world teachers may teach a thousand aphorisms. We attentively listen to them but we don’t follow them, because we can’t apply them in our daily life. That’s the pity. They don’t help to answer our desires and aspirations in life. Man primarily pays to have his desires fulfilled. In olden day’s death was a taboo, to day the modern man does not fear death. He knows fully well that death is inevitable, un-surmountable. He is prepared to receive death happily whenever it knocks at the door of life. What a beautiful mental maturity the modern man possessed.

Today, we practice Yoga for personality development, mental stamina, good health and longevity. By simple practice of Yoga, anyone can become a Karma Yogi, With out sacrificing any comforts and happiness, one can become a Raja Yogi.
-to be contin..

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master CVV namaskarams!

without knowing i am the cause of it i ran in CVV direction "the book by parvathy kumar was ave inspiring"

the cover of the book was just great taking me to great heights but do i know what awaits me....

i said to my sister CVV is 366 and etc etc on Master CVV's greatness and he lives with me...

"whoever accepts a process the master is with them"
"trick the trick"
and host of other teachings were ver y soul inspiring but
and the english explanation of 27 stars were just excellent...
i would be happy if sailient features of the teachings were explained here....

And by fate the book cover was torn then it was given to one aspirant and he minted money were true..

One day in my extasy i said meditate "Master CVV namaskarams u will realise great results ect i said to my sister and the next moment u have small child of ten years before +u and u know by third eye "he is the sweet rascal Master CVV"

By dream realisation and travelling to Nilgiri's hills all astral travelling cheased i said its enough and continued in my means for i knew i am the cause...

now my kumbakkonam address is 41 pududabhir street...

but strangely eventough i am born in kumbakkaonam the house building concept near our house has turned to one of kumbakkaonam style....i thought its just good...

I think that how different i was asi had great faith in Master CVV and now in the realisation drama that runs around....

but reciting "Master CVV namaskarams" morning 6:00 am and Evening 6:00 +++++PM is still effective one must accept..

i do not fully endorse the view of writer in above article but i know a master is a master....

it would be nice to get back the book and my soul strring experiences...


with love

dhorai | Thu, 08/06/2009 - 12:01
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This email id is Master Parvathi Kumars.
This site is maintained by Master KPK. You can have good information you needed specially on about full moons of every month.


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