Open Heart Surgery

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The mankind is in crisis and it needs an immediate Open Heart Surgery. Ever since we began to use thought and became "civilised" we have cultivated all the cunning of thought and are caught up in its pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain.

One of the reasons for our misery is operating from this citadel called the "ME" or "I". Thought has done everything in the rule book or for that matter breaking all rules to perpetuate a lifestyle where its dream creation has become more important than actual fact of living. All our responses are contaminated by this little self (me) and therefore we cannot meet life head on fully. As we grow older we get enclosed in this cocoon and the childhood spontaneity remains but a distant memory.

Physical security is a must but why do we go at length to protect ourselves psychologically. Why is our self image so strong that we refuse to see ourselves naked (as we are). To live life fully we must be vulnerable (without defenses).

Love can only flower when the heart is not enclosed in web of thought and belief. The Maya (ignorance or power of illusion) that the Advaitist speak of is nothing but thought.

Thought has a lawful place in our daily interactions but it must not be allowed to grow deep psychological roots. This can only be done when we remain ever watchful and observe the ways of thought and its deceptions.