Ooooops...I Forgot The Map

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Ooooops...I Forgot The Map©

So, here you are on this journey, this path towards enlightenment. Happy, content, thinking you have finally done it! You are in tune with the universe, finally found your inner self, learned to read the signs, met some interesting travelers along the way.

Fastidiously you have worked to clear past trauma, release hurt and ultimately heal and unite the parts of your soul which had decided to take a respite along the way; changed your habits—not an easy thing to do, but hey it earned you a few brownie points along the way; started to meditate daily, well God doesn’t use IM; and all the other actions guaranteed to jet propel you to illumination.

And so what that your sleeping patterns have gone haywire, or that your emotions have a mind of their own, or that your body feels like it is not yours, or that you feel like you are from another planet and need to go home. All the more reason to rejoice, for these they say are the symptoms of ascension and that is where you wanted to go—up, up up. Makes you smile. Everything is perfect. The wheels have been set in motion. Look out God here I come!

As you merrily run, skip and jump along the yellow brick road, without a second thought, suddenly the edge of your shirt gets caught in the branch at the side of the road. You divert your attention for a while trying to free yourself from it without injuring the poor tree branch or ripping your shirt. After a while, you are finally freed. Okay, so the shirt has a tiny hole in it and some of the leaves from the branch are on the ground, the important thing is that no one is mortally wounded and you can continue with your journey.

Hmmmm, could have sworn the road was yellow brick… Perhaps this is a short cut, hurray! Jovially you hum to yourself—life is but a dream. A few more tree branches, some more scenic routes and you can finally see the clearing up ahead. Ohhh, the elation, the joy! You are almost there. You push yourself over the last hill; climb the final fence only to find yourself in the middle of a crossroad, a huge T-square, astrologically speaking.

Quick get out the map. What they didn’t provide a map, a set of instructions when you started? Nothing to tell you to take the road on the right for a few miles and then the road on the left for another few or perhaps you should turn back? Ah wait; on each branch you see different things…some fellow travelers, some unknown travelers and various other things. They wave; you wave back. You sit and think for a while…Like Alice in Wonderland trying to figure out which key opens which door.

The reality is that at each level of development, we are faced with choices. Many times when we reach the point where we “graduate” to the next stage of development we find ourselves at major forks or crossroads. It is during these crossroads that things and people from the past may come back into our lives, as may emotions, situations or pain needing that last shove so we can be free.

At each level, it is the final test to see if we are ready to let go and move to the next level, towards new and uncharted territory. The choice of course is ours. Do we let go of the past, that part of it that no longer serves us or resonates with who we are now and move ahead choosing the path towards higher ground, or do we stay with situations, people and things and continue moving in a circular motion at the level we are now?

I am sure that everyone would say that’s a no brainer…we move towards higher ground. The truth of the matter is that it is a lot easier in principle than in practice. But, with unwavering faith, unconditional love and the wisdom and knowledge bestowed upon us, we can make the right choice for our development, at the right time.

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Attached Detachment?

Lovely piece of blog. If you may allow me to add please.
Just the other day my friend & I were discussing our spiritual journey and our attachments and detachments, and I happen to tell him that most of the spiritual students start off their journey well and progress and graduate on to the next level. Now to test them again whether they have learnt their lessons well, their past is projected to them once again. Do they feel any relation or attraction or attachment to it, again?

The analogy I gave was this. In every house, on a monthly or quarterly or annual basis people clean up their wardrobes and stores of all those belongings and items which are either old or not needed, specially get rid of clothes. In other words, excess. As they are cleaning and separating old from new, things that have been out of sight and use for ages, they start reminiscing and enter a nostalgic trance about these memoirs. Initially they had intended to give away these old, used and unused items, but now their heart is in conflict with this generosity.

This I call an 'Attached Detachment'. A Spiritual Master teaches us that we have no direct relation to anything in this Universe, but through the medium or care of God. As the saying goes, "Be in this world, but not of this world".
Its just a matter of reversing the order of words to 'Detached Attachment' for spiritual students.

Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan guides us with his beautiful words by saying that our attitude should of "Indifference with Interest". Meaning, be indifferent towards the world and things because you have no direct relation to it, yet, show interest because God has provided this as sustenance for your earthly life. This is the attitude of all the true Gurus.


Azeemi | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 19:55
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Peeling back the onion


Yes it is a nice clean out your wardrobe. Exactly as you stated when we try to clear out things, remove them if you may, sometimes it is difficult to "let go" because of the attachment and sometimes also because our work in this area is not complete. We have not fully peeled back the onion, removed the surface layers and gotten to the core.

It is my opinion that a journey has many twists and turns, some easy and some very difficult as they are intended to rock the foundations of the facade that we built, annihilate it and like the phoenix rise up from the ashes anew. The truth be told, this is a difficult and painful experience and requires patience, forgiveness, love and understanding--from ourselves to ourselves. While we may have this towards others, it is only when we can offer this to ourselves that we can have the strength and understanding to move up to the next level of our journey, for part of the journey is learning this.

Nice...and thank you for the lovely comment!

Peace, love and harmony,

The Divinity within you illuminates the world around you...

Premananda | Sat, 09/05/2009 - 06:26
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Thre truth has been told...

AlSalamu Alaikum...(Peace be on you)

You have revealed a very very very microscopic truth! Not observed by superficial-spirituals! Some people may call it ego-caressing, but my dear Premananda, "The truth be told, this is a difficult and painful experience and requires patience, forgiveness, love and understanding--from ourselves to ourselves. While we may have this towards others, it is only when we can offer this to ourselves that we can have the strength and understanding to move up to the next level of our journey, for part of the journey is learning this."

"We belong to God, and to HIM shall we return". - Holy Quran


Azeemi | Sat, 09/05/2009 - 13:58
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Embracing Ourselves

Thank you both for your comments. They have touched me deeply. Loving ourselves seems to be a moment to moment continual practice. For me a core practice needing continual attention. Several things have been helpful for me. Reminding myself that I am not the aspect of his personality I am choosing to judge at the moment. I am not the hips that feel to large or the impatient one who becomes annoyed at the person in front of me for taking too much time at the grocery check-out. Helpful too has been Ramana Maharshi's question of "Who is it that is...?" A gently reminder of who I truly am. Now, what is most helpful is to just hold in love, embrace what ever is surfacing and be gently ok with it. What seems to happen then is that it begins to melt and dissolve. Sometime makes a return visit for more loving but often not.

gentlyok | Sat, 09/05/2009 - 23:32