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I would like to know what people think of the oneness movement. I am hoping to receive some valid non agressive comments. So I am looking for those with true spiritual insight. However this was started makes no difference. It is the faith of the individual, the seeker who receives the blessing. I have noticed many comments on here from people who reflect something other than that of true spiritual love. There are many negative comments which are not from the true spiritual seeker.
Discipline and humility are necessary for true spiritual growth. It is all in the way in which you say things to another human being. Positive energy is very important and a blessing. Negative energy is a curse and should not be permitted. I am not judging anyone. I am simply asking that we use the divine gift of discipline as well as humility. Yes these are gifts. As everything is a gift from the Divine. So again please give your interpretation on the oneness movement but do it out of love. Thank you.

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The oneness movement

The true value of Diksha is in the simple sincerity of the aspirant who is child like and with a open heart asks for awakening from delusion.

The Awakening in Oneness can happen at any place or time when one is ready

Movements and groups that are sincere can help others but the true Awakening in Oneness happens alone in the solutude of yourself with a open heart to truth.

A Guru can help you in avoiding troubles and give you guidence in contacting the True inner Guru.

When the mind is made still and the vasanas in the heart are removed, that is the true Diksha!, and is done in the solitude of yourself

Everything is within you in its full glory right now and you only need to discard what is not true whith a still mind to have Realization,and it is very simple with no need for study,courses or paying fees with the cost of money.

Teaching is only truely helpful by example to others after your own Realization and that Realization can not be taught but only experianced by you in the soluitde of Oneness.

Contact with a Realized person is only needed once and then it is up to you!

Best wishes

yogivah | Tue, 03/06/2012 - 00:01
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Very good Yogivah and thank

Very good Yogivah and thank you for your comment. I understand everything that you have stated. Perhaps when I have a moment I will put my thoughts together on what I have come to learn as the awakening. I would have to agree it is all up to the individual. Hence why I was the faith of the person. So thank you and much Grace and Mercy be upon you.

Marthoma | Tue, 03/06/2012 - 00:40
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Perhaps it is not a good idea to post anything here. I have to think more about this. It would appear as though many people of the day can accommodate even simple kindness let alone love. The human ego is very powerful on this site. I am wondering if I made a mistake coming here. I will think on this. Thank you.

Marthoma | Wed, 03/07/2012 - 02:27
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Kalki Bhagavan

I have a few friends who paid fortune to attend the Oneness university's darshans with the promise of an instant enlightenment upon receiving the diksha from Kalki Bhagavan and Amma. There are many I met over the years with the same story. Needless to say that none got that instant realization. I would stay away from such promises of quick shortcuts, dikshas, initiations, shaktipats and so on. They are nice but there is no substitute to the hard inquiry into our psyche and self and the peeling of the personality onion.

Regarding your reservations about people here. Instead of concentrating on others, I would suggest you to redirect your attention to yourself. Others here as well as in any other place or website are ultimately just a background and trying to change others, concentrating on the behavior of others is always just a trick of the mind and ego not to deal with ourselves. Maybe this site is not right for you, it is the best spiritual place for many including myself who have grown spiritually here in the last few years, not always in an easy way, not always in a pleasant way, usually not by hearing what I wanted to hear. And I thankful to all that and I believe from my experience that this is the nature of true self development. I'm sure you will find other places that suit you more but I think that if you open up, substitute the desire to change other's reactions with a desire to change your own, you can benefit from this place tremendously. It's up to you. I personally don't see in gurusfeet any ego whatsoever but serious people that are to the point with no bullshit, saying what they think upfront. I like it, I prefer it, I know that I can trust them to reflect to me their opinion uncensored or not softened, disclose things that my ego and mind do not wish to know and will never tell me by themselves. Yes, sometimes I don't like it, something my ego becomes angry but this is exactly the nature of the process when one understands that automatic dikshas and shaktipats never truly lead to any spiritual development by themselves.

nancy pro | Wed, 03/07/2012 - 08:13
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lies and spiritual evil

The true behind the lies is important.
The game of those two people and their souls is way to get many devotees and reach for the light of their souls. AB are sincerely just evil souls despite the game of how they are helping. Healers that are working with past lives are recieving informations that in past lives those two were just something like black magicians and have done very evil things to people, Earth, karma, akásha and the humanity itself. I thank God, that I am almost free from that influence and things are getting rightened.
When you look at those teachings of those two with a racional thinjking you see that they are talking nonsenses and lies. Almost everything they say is very wrong.
Just to do something good, i am informing you the best way i can. Thank you and best wishes in a way of spiritual evolving.

Petr Czech Republic | Wed, 08/13/2014 - 12:42
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You confuse spiritual love and spiritually correct

I would like to comment on your view about comments here - I think it is extremely important. I as opposed to you like it that people here say exactly what they think without artificial softening and "spiritually correct" filtering. This is one of the reasons that attracted me to this site in the first place. I think that this is the true spiritual love and not the new age style positiveness that maybe makes one feel good but does not really contribute. I want others to say to me their views about what I write right in the face. I'm not afraid of it. For me it is the same as those giant gurus who used to say the truth right in the face, ones like Nisargadatta Maharaj and the zen teachers. Positive energy is not positive thinking or positive attitude, the latter is just negative suppressed.

At some point in the spiritual path, you give up the etiquette and the softened "hows" and you concentrate on the essence and you want it to be direct, blunt and clear, no matter how the ego feels about it. I think this site is just in that stage.

solomon | Tue, 03/06/2012 - 06:21
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Expression and suppresion

To give expression to meanness or negative thoughts is just as bad as suppression.

Everybody has it within them to take a pause and contact the stillness within before giving expression or suppression to negative or critical meaness

If your kindness is not genuine than your mind is simply not still

Very few who mention Nisargadatta Maharaj ji or his Guru Siddharameswar Maharaj ji have been in the presense of these Mahatmas,they have just read books that where written by others from talks given in there presense.

When you sit in the presence of these men there is a feeling of profound peace,stillness of mind and understanding that you can not have from books

I have never been with a Master who did not exibit at all times positive thought,action word,deed and proper etiquette to fit the company,they have gone beyond rajas-tamas and sattva gunas but exspress in the world the satvic qualities of kind thoughts,words and deeds.

In there presense of peace, love and kindness there is also felt a great Power of strength and conviction that is felt like a bolt of lightning!

When i am given a choice i to prefer the company of calm nice people with good etiquette and nice manners.

Best wishes

yogivah | Tue, 03/06/2012 - 10:25
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Thank you Yogivah

Thank you Yogivah for your true self pours through in the words. I can see suppression only in the humanity, only in the ego. When one allows oneself, in complete surrender, to allow the divinity to over come the humanity only love is present. To correct someone in love is different than allowing the ego to control the situation. Thank you again. Much Grace and Mercy be upon you.

Marthoma | Tue, 03/06/2012 - 11:39
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Best to disregard the

Best to disregard the opinions of unenlightned people as they have alot of opinions and want others to hear them.

There is also no need to confront anything about your false self any more than the foolishness of inspecting every little thing in the trash before you throw it out.

You are pure and perfect as you are right now with your True nature as Sat-Chit-Ananda!

Expressing Satvic -Kind,Loving,Sweet and child like!

Best wishes

yogivah | Wed, 03/07/2012 - 11:10
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And those 2 advises are indeed examples of ones to disregard :-)

Indeed, best to disregard the opinions of unenlightned people, and also of those who pretend to be enlightened. In other words, as you, being unenlightened, have no way of telling if someone is enlightened or not, this advise is completely meaningless.

Regarding the second neo-advaitan-style advise of not to engage in any self development process because you are perfect, it's like advising someone to eat a watermelon without peeling it because it is perfect or not removing an organ with cancer just because everything is perfect or telling someone with opaque glasses that tries to cross the street that he doesn't need to remove his glasses because he is perfect... shall I continue? The bug here is that you confuse between the relative reality, the one in which you live right now and which is your starting point and the absolute reality which in your current state is meaningless and inaccessible because of... your imperfect mind-conditioned layers that obstruct your direct view of truth.

mika | Wed, 03/07/2012 - 14:24
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It is easy to tell

An enlightned person does not have any opinions, and never considers himself to be enlightned and others to not be enlightned but lives in awareness of perfect Wholeness (Oneness) having no opinions about himself or others.

You can make many objects out of gold that appear to be differant but they are all only gold

An enlightned person sees only gold appearing as differant objects

Best wishes

yogivah | Wed, 03/07/2012 - 15:01
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This is evidently incorrect.

This is evidently incorrect. You should go and read I Am That or any other book of any of the great gurus and masters.

mika | Wed, 03/07/2012 - 19:26
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Books are only pointers

The books of Nisargadata Maharaj ji and his Guru Siddharameswar Maharaj ji were the writings of others that set at the feet of the masters and recorded what they said.

The reading of books is only a pointer to reality,the real benifit is being in the presense of Nisargadata and Siddharameswar receiving there grace with a open heart and then practicing the instruction given with there personal supervision.

I read some books when i was young but after living with the masters and practicing there instruction with there personal supervision i dont read very much any more.

Love and best wishes to you!

yogivah | Wed, 03/07/2012 - 19:56
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Of course books are

Of course books are pointers, anything in words can only be a pointer. This is not the issue. The issue here is that these books contain opinions, statements that they are enlightened, and all the other symptoms that you pointed out as typical to those who are not enlightened.

mika | Wed, 03/07/2012 - 20:28
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The Masters do not give opinions they give Realization

Nisargadata and Siddharameshwar did not give opinions of Reality they shared there enlightned consciousness with there devotees that had surrendered there false sense of self.

It was done without spoken words but in consciousness

They would help the diciple to still the mind thus restroring the counsciousness to wholeness (Nirvakalpa Samadhi) and with supervised practice the wholeness oneness counciousness would be permanently restored (Sahaja Samadhi)

With consciousness restored to origanal wholeness the counciousnes is no longer fragmented by the vasanas (tendinces) in the impure mind

One then no longer has opinions (what one thinks about something;belief;judgement-opine)

When conciousness is restored to wholeness you may appear to live life just as others do in the elemental world but your awarness is of the wholness of Reality and you are no longer affected by the duality of the elemental world with its ups and downs, so to use your example if the body gets cancer it does not effect your peace(contentment) you would simply go to the doctor for treatment.

What is important is you! (Mika)(I AM) your realization of what you are! not what is written in books or the opinions of others

The I is in the you the you is not in the I

Ask your self am i sincere? will i give up all my cherished opinions of what i thuoght was true?

Best wishes

yogivah | Wed, 03/07/2012 - 21:36
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Yes, but this is the point -

Yes, but this is the point - the devotee by fact can't know if what someone says is an opinion or not and so can't tell if someone is enlightened or not. This is the whole trivial issue.

It's like you having a question to which you don't know the answer and one is advising you: choose only the answer that answers your question correctly. Such advice is of course meaningless the same way your advise to listen only to enlightened people is meaningless because you don't know the answer in the first place, that's why you ask the question, that's why you look for an answer.

mika | Thu, 03/08/2012 - 05:25
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That is

Asking the queston Who Am i or What Am i, sitting with a still mind the answer is, I Am

Right now you are complete Whole and Self-realized, and when your mind is still and empty of concepts and opinions you Realize this as being self evident

At there essense everybody is pure Awarness-Conscious-Bliss
and intuitvely know it at some level according to there present ability,and there present ability is only due to there own self imposed limitation

So everybody and everything even at the lowest level of conscious can reqonize what is Good and helpful,even plants and animals will turn toward what is helpful to them such as good food or bad food,it is a natural(innate ability)Siddha) to all living things

Animals and plants know what is good for them better than most humans because they are natural and not confused by irrational thinking

Why do humans have so much trouble Knowing and then doing what is good for them? you have the innate ability to know Truth from untruth

In the presence of an Enlightned one if you are sincere(open)you experiance a higher state of counsciousness,that is why it is recommended to spend time in the company of Saints

If you read about a flower but you have never seen a flower you will learn about the attributes of a flower and form opinions(concepts)of what a flower is

In the presence of an Enlightned one,if you are open you have the actual expereiance of the wonderful fragerance of the flower

Few people queston what they are or are interisted in higher Reality,some that do will ask or read about it,some who are serious will go further and want to and do

When i was young i wanted Realization i was not satified with my life (the feeling of being resticted)i felt that there was more,so at sixteen i left everything and with no money and never being away from home lived in the Himalayas with Enlightned Yogis and practiced what they taught me for seven years,that was over 40 years ago,with no cause of my own there are no more vasanas,i am just what i am all the time,only pure awareness with no confusion or doubts

I now at the present time live a normal life in georgia with my wife and two dogs

Right now as i am writing to you today i woke up from sleep at 2am i washed my face,set in stillness for about an hour came down to the studio with my dog will i will work untill about 5pm go for a walk with my dog have a bowl of yogurt for dinner and then go to bed at about 8pm

Does that sound boring? What I am and my Awarness is none of those things by the Grace of God (Guru)

Love and best wishes!
Do you live in Newyork? my son went to cooper union

yogivah | Thu, 03/08/2012 - 09:37
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Positive/negative to whom?

I feel that you mix between "positive thinking" and direct non-bullshit responses in the face. The tagging of positive/negative comments is meaningless, the point is whether it is truthful or not and what you do with it. I prefer to have the comments of others direct and blunt, phrased negatively or positively I don't care. If I say something that someone else thinks that are self deception or stupid. I want him/her to punch me in the face in their response. I don't need the overhead of cultural etiquette here. It cannot be anything else other than just our ego that wants things to be "positive" and nice and the way we want them to be. It's just another type of control and another type of preserving our egoistic false self image. There comes a time on the spiritual path that you distill the essence and don't try to look for hidden motives and negativities in others and their criticism about you but only in yourself.

anderlaus | Wed, 03/07/2012 - 00:18