One Single Block

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There is a division between here and there. Inside of me and outside. There is my body [inside] ... and then there is outside of my body out there ... lifeless matter.

But where is the division?

Is the outside world just one single block? One single block, including the feeling of life? One single block, including thoughts?

Gazing out the window there is a lawn and another house. But is it just this one single block seeing itself? Experiencing itself? Look now... what do you see? Is it just a single block? Or are there two?
Are you looking into and as the block? Or are you looking outward from inside of a body?

It is just like an optical illusion, isn't it. Do you know the optical illusion in which one way of looking its an old hag and another way of looking its a young attractive woman?

Look at it. Can you see there is just one single block of sky, grass, thoughts, feeling ... experiencing itself? Can you see it? Can you see that the separate one that used to observe these things was just an optical illusion and was only imagined? Look now, is there a face looking at a house? Or is there just a house and thoughts and feelings experiencing itself? One single block? Experiencing itself?

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Great essay. Really provoking and insightful.

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And also a great quote of Nisargadatta Maharaj:

You know the world exactly as you know your body — through your senses. It is your mind that has separated the world outside your skin from the world inside and put them in opposition. This created fear and hatred and all the miseries of living.

not_me | Sun, 08/14/2011 - 07:00