One day a week without a computer or TV. Can you?

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One day per each and every week without computer, without TV. Can you?

If you can, verify it in action, not just in useless theory - for a month from now on, every week, one day each week, abstain completely from using a computer and watching TV.

If you can't, then you most probably happen to also be incapable of meditating, aren't you? :-)

Extremely canny minds and egos, instead of admitting the incapability to abstain from computer and TV and the incapability to meditate, will come with all sorts of smart ideologies and shaky excuses to back up and hide their inability. These usually include:

- What's the use of abstaining from computer and TV? It's stupid. I can't but I won't.

- Meditations are useless according to my thesis. No, I have never did it for a month or two consecutively but I know.

- I do not need these techniques and tests. I am perfect as I am.

- There is no I, there is no doing, there is no bla bla bla, everything is one therefore yada yada yada no abstaining, no meditating.

- Abstaining and meditating yield conflict and thus must always strengthen the mind.

If you find your mind coming up with any such arguments, then your are in bondage. It is up to you now to decide whether to let your mind continue tricking you in such a mischievous way or alternatively be a serious seeker and start doing exactly what you are so afraid of: abstaining for a day per each and every week from computer and TV and meditating.

Another clue: If your mind happened to just revolt against the usage of the phrase "serious seeker" in the previous paragraph, it is a double verification that indeed it is this type of extremely canny mind. The phrase was planted there on purpose for this specific purpose. It is a typical response of the underlying type of canny minds.

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TVs and computers

... meditation can only appear to do things
meditation can never do anything for anyone – BECAUSE there is no-other only SELF
and this is Realization: that nothing, not even meditation can do anything for anyone...
NOT even if all the TV's and computers in the world were thrown into the ocean – they would still not do anything for anyone, because there is NO other, Only Self.

-- really Really REALLY

genep | Wed, 11/18/2009 - 23:09
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Truly brilliant!

I would add also to that one day per week: no books, no talking (if possible given the circumstances like family etc.) or any other thing that YOU know that are uniquely used as an entertainment for YOURSELF.

PS. I liked the excuses mentioned in the OP, these are the ones I usually encounter in myself and others when the mind tries to abstain from practices that are hard (for the mind).

nathan | Sun, 05/05/2013 - 15:38
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Also add cellphones!

It really works when you do that...

I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Sun, 05/05/2013 - 16:48