Old memories from life are like monuments of yester years

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51) When you desire peace and happiness in life, look at the tiny tots playing carefree, living in the slums. Your path for peace gets paved automatically, the moment your mind also learns to attain that state.
52) Enmity in life is not desirable knowing pretty well that it's ill effects get carried over to the next life.
53) When all goes well, mind is at rest and peaceful but if some thing goes wrong, the peace and tranquility are disturbed. The best way to cross the hurdle is to pray to Lord and think of him constantly.
54) Old memories from life are like monuments of yester years. They are unfit to live in. Similarly the thoughts of bygone days do not serve any purpose for the future. It is better to forget the past and live in the present hoping for a better future.
55) The property we leave behind is passed on as assets to the next generation. How ever they too fade away with time and are forgotten easily. What remains forever is the eternal God. So it is better to teach the younger generations to recognize this truth.

56) Friendship should always be between equals. Attempting friendship with people above your 1evel (rich) gets you only humiliation by them, which is worse than a curse.
57) Every person who is at the helm of affairs, sooner or later come down to his normal state. Accept this truth with dignity.
58) Once on the path of spiritualism, any retraction would be the first step towards self-destruction.
59) Life is like a train journey. All that is required is faith in ‘Sai’ to reach the destination.
60) Ups and down occur periodically in one's life. One should ask for courage to swim across and not for living in peace under those circumstances. Overcome hurdles with courage rather than compromising with them.