Offering 100% Attention

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"Offer 100 percent attention
to whatever you do.

If you do that,
no matter what the outcome,
you will be fulfilled.

There is no real peace or love
when you scatter your attention
a little here and a little there
or you are attached to the outcome
being a certain way.
Then you are not alive.
Then you are separating yourself from peace.

When you give your full attention
not in concentration or control,
but in full surrender, love and awareness,
you transcend duality
and feel one with everything.

Whatever practice you do,
give your full love and attention to it.

When you give your full attention to it,
there is nothing left of separation.
There is no room for worry, greed, or selfishness.
There is only freedom; only peace.

Even if it is just for one second.
Just for one mantra repetition, one breath,
whatever you are doing,
immerse your full attention into that one moment
with love and humility.
Then you become one with everything.

It may take hours and days and months and years
of practice to get to that point of 100 percent
or it may be instant.

It could be an ongoing exploration
of what it means to give yourself
completely to this moment
and immerse yourself deeper into peace.

Or it could just be the willingness
to let go of one thought
you have been holding on to,
that you have been repeating and identifying with;
just to let go of it completely for a moment
and rest in the silence that is underneath it.

And when you taste that peace of letting go,
when you taste the oneness
of offering your attention one hundred percent
you will want to return to it again and again.

Much love,


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