Obstacles in Sadhana

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Dear Atman!

Obstacles in Sadhana.

What are these obstacles? Are they really there? Or the Sadhaka simply surrenders to some mental condition?

If you introspect you will find that most of the times such obstacles are nothing but mental projections. From child hood we learn many things. We learn to command every thing around us, use remote controls, ride bicycle and motor bike and car... many many things we learn to command and drive on our will. But what we don't learn is command our own mind, our own self. We surrender to our thoughts and the condition generated out of it is often called "mood" - good or bad.

When a person starts walking on the path of Sadhana she or he has many many expactations. The word spiritualism attracts like a magic. The only thing known to a new Sadhaka is she/he has started to move ahead towards the almighty. Most of the Sadhakas think that as they start walking on this path they must start sharing the powers of the almighty. Many assumptions. Many expactations. Some times a Sadhaka starts projecting mentally what he wants. Some times he feels that he is about to reach. And some times he is in total disappointment. Because he feels nothing. In fact in the beginning she/he is only surrendering to the mental conditions. Never trying to get command over own mind.

My dear Atman, your being here on this planet itself is a big miracle. Your search for God should not become search for miracles. On the path of Sadhana miracles are by products, not the target. And for any kind of experience the most needed thing is an expactationless practice. If you want to be a world class body builder or a beauty queen you work for hours every day, for many many years. But when you start walking on the path of achieving the highest you want immediately. Not ready to do your practice calmly. With patience. Every time when you take the mala in your hand and sit to do your japa you think there must be some thing amazing today. And you get nothing. Because you were waiting for some thing to happen and chanting "Bla.. bla .. bla" . Meaningless practice. You should concentrate on your japa, dhyana or what ever practice you are asked to do by your Guru. What is to be happen will happen when the right stage comes.

So most of the obstacles are generated by Sadhaka himself/herself.

There are obstacles from out side like some circumstances. But such things don't happen every day. The most common obstacles are created by the mind of the Sadhaka herself/himself.

I hope this will help you understand your problems.


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So true, everyone only what to see miracles then they believe... It's a mindless brainwashing, look what they made sai baba do, he had to make things appear for his followers... Adult children even then there were sceptics... Why do we need miracles of grandeur? When being alive in this beautiful world is miracle enough. Yet people don't see it because they are chasing illusions, that they have built, n that in time they will reap it. But illusions only build more illusions.

I totally agree with everything you have said. People now chase acceptance of other man by chasing paper based illusions that they have forgotten the true goal is godliness, the search of truth.

I'm not saying that the former is bad but what I am trying to put across is learning for the joy of leaning and knowing something, out weighs the need to study and get paper qualification to gain acceptance in society. The pure ness of thought is missing, seeing the spirituality in things are missing and the acceptance of unity in diversity is missing among majority of humans in the world. Wake people, time to rise and shine.

yoda23 | Tue, 04/23/2013 - 11:44
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Truth or Illusion

Yes. The search of truth is diverted in the pursuit of illusions.

Jay Shiv Shakti. Jay Gurudev.

shiv_vandana | Fri, 04/26/2013 - 13:25