Observance of Panch-sheel in Daily Life.

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Observance of Panch-sheel in Daily Life.

Panchsheel for physical well-being are: (1) Satvik and limited food; (2) adequate use of pure water; (3) deep breathing in open air; (4) honest labour; and (5) care-free rest at night.

Panchsheel for wellbeing of mental health are: (1) sportsman - like spirit, (2) sense of humour, (3) self-control, (4) sanctity of work and (5) self-contentment and enthusiasm.

Social Panchsheel are: (1) Honesty; (2) honest and sincere discharge of responsibilities as a citizen; (3) gentle polite and sweet behaviour, (4) credibility and (5) willing and glad cooperation.

Family Panchsheel are: (1) Feelings of cooperation, gratefulness and service towards elders, (2) affection for and cooperation with youngsters, (3) open-hearted love between the spouses (4) nobility of character as true prosperity; (5) to have minimum number of children.

Religious Panchsheel are: (1) unity (2) equality (3) co-existence (4) tolerance; and (5) deep devotion towards the Divine.

Spiritual Panchsheel are: (1) unflinching faith in divine law of sowing and reaping; (2) self-reliance; (3) living simple life of an average citizen and utilizing the balance of resources for philanthropic purposes; (4) keen aspiration for Jeewan Sadhana; and (5) loving kindness
towards all creation

Author - Pt Sriram Sarma Acharyaji