O! Brahmin Priests rise: Part-1

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O! Brahmin Priests rise: Part-1

Lord Krishna stated in the Gita that human beings with demonic nature not only unaware of the path of pleasing God (path of liberation or Moksha marga) but also unaware of worldly justice (Pravrittimcha Nivrittimcha janana vidurasura…). Demonic nature means that neither do they know on their own nor listen to others. This is due to ignorance combined with egoism. These people fail even in the worldly duties like marriages by doing unnecessary rituals and leaving aside the necessary.

Example, one devotee gives one and half lakh rupees towards dowry and gifts to the bridegroom side and spends five lakhs towards marriage expenses. This should be done the other way i.e., give five lakhs rupees to your daughter and spend only one and half lakh rupees towards marriage expenses. Infact, the best way is to give six lakhs to your daughter and spend half lakh towards marriage expenses. Some people say that the more you spend towards marriage expenses, the more you have love on your daughter. This is not at all true. The truth is that the more you give to your daughter, the more it shows your love on her and this cannot be denied.

Actually, the money spent in performing the marriage is only the exhibition of self-pride but in no way does this show your love on your daughter. The Gita says this exhibition of self-pride as demonism (Ishwarohamaham …). Some people support this and twist it as celebration of some memorable event of life. There are two categories of people supporting this opinion. The first category of people, who loot the money, belong to the music band, the flower decorators of the marriage podium etc. These people speak like this for the safe sustenance of their business. The second category of people, belong to friends and relatives. The reason for their support is due to their subtle internal desire to see you suffer poverty and amidst of problems.

This puts them in better financial position, which is more enjoyed. This subtle internal desire is not known even to them but is hidden in sub-conscious state (Avyakta Praaktana Samskara). This subtle internal desire is reflected in utterance of some words and the indifferent actions done by them. You should always spend as per your capacity. You should not imitate the rich and get in to trouble. This remembers Me one proverb, which says ‘Fox puts on hot rod on its body, seeing the stripes on the body of tiger’.

If you save those six lakhs in the name of your daughter, it gets multiplied with the time and will be of immense help in her difficulties. This in fact gives her more enjoyment. During the difficulties, even if you remember those moments any number of times, will these difficulties subside? Will the people, who looted your money (music band, flower decorators etc.), come to your rescue?