Noticing Existence Happening

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"If you want to be free of anxiety
then notice and feel this:
life is happening in this moment.

You are not doing this moment,
you are not making
this moment happen.
It is here on its own.

If you really notice your experience
in this moment,
existence is happening.

And if you disagree,
if you think
you are creating yourself
to exist in this moment,
then stop existing.

Go on.

In trying to stop existing
you only become more and more aware
of this sensation of existing.

And this sense of existing
cannot be changed or
manipulated by your thinking.

Existence is
happening in this moment
regardless of
what you may think
about it.

It is happening beyond
your thinking.
It is even happening
in and as your thinking.

It is the essence of thought,
the essence of everything.

"I think therefore I am"
is a load of nonsense.
An act of intellectual
self importance that
cuts oneself off
from actually experiencing
life in this moment.

Because right now
existence is happening.

What you place on top of that
may be your own doodling.
But it does not change the fact
that this moment is,
life is happening in this moment.
It is synonymous with this moment.

If you place your attention
on this simple experience
of existing,
then all of your doodling
on top of it
is no longer important.

You stop being obsessed
with self importance and worry,
and experience
life directly happening
in this moment.

And the experience of this
is unconditional peace.

And the more you give your
attention to this feeling of being
or to the peace itself,
the more this peace grows.



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