Norton Str33t Sadhana

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Sadhana (Sanskrit ), is a term for "a means of
accomplishing something"[1] or more specifically
"spiritual practice".[2] It includes a variety of disciplines from Hindu and Buddhist traditions that
are followed in order to achieve various spiritual
or ritual objectives.

Want to achieve the waking state but don't know
how? Now you can do it easily, painlessly (almost),
in the comfort of your own home. Just watch a few
minisodes of Norton Str33t each day. Don't worry,
you'll never get bored because you won't remember
what you've just seen. Well, only vaguely, but it
will all come back to you, not one word forgotten,
when you really need it. Didn't you come to earth
to achieve something this lifetime? Well, sadhana
never got any easier than this. Just watch a few
almost painless machinima minisodes each day.
Pretty soon you and your friends will be sitting
around in the highest dimension, wondering what
you were afraid of all this time. Yeah, it sucks
up there, but you know you really should do it and
if not now, when??? It really doesn't get any easier
than this, thanks to the Waking State Guru, the
inimitable Mr. E. J. Gold. Jai gurudev!!!

by Mick P.

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Do you really care that I achieve the waking state or just that I buy your DVD?

Don't you see the problematic aspect of what you do? Problematic especially for yourself.

johnd | Thu, 11/05/2009 - 16:23
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response to "motives"

hi there...please notice that there is a youtube link directly below the post...this takes you to the free Norton Str33t channel where you can watch all the episodes for free...the dvd is offered as a response to certain individuals that wish to study it deeper, find it more convenient in that format or do not have internet access...take care and best work wishes...spacebuddhaa

spacebuddhaa | Mon, 06/21/2010 - 14:52