Normal people have parties in clubs, false spritual peoples plan their parties in the jungles.

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well i was in serch of true spritual master, i visited many places, i did not found any true person, but i came to understand one thing that, Wordly peoples use to have parties in the clubs,disco thiqs and other places but false spritual peoples use to have parties in the jungles, i visited many places with my friends insted of any true spritual path i only found that they enjoy more than the wordly peoples, they have a get togethers, most of peoples use to go their with their boy friends & girl friends and enjoy great fun over their, most of them use to have drugs their if this is a sprituality or spritual path, than what is the meaning of sacrifice, why the acient spritual masters in their history, we read, have done so many sacrifices,

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Love for MY brother

yes sir if you are not yet find a true master. its not you falt every think is in hand of creator, as he like to meet you he removied all Curtain of you unknown. Creator must help you my pray are with you brother. keep it up.

Your Little Brother
Faisal Nazir
Rawlpindi Pakistn

faisal77nazir | Sun, 08/01/2010 - 09:15