Nonstriving Spontaneity

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An individual matter but it is
important to know this precisely...
where strength and flexibility
are merged nothing can bind you
inwardly there is no damage
outwardly there is no loss
free and independent...
using yin to complete yang
primordial true energy returns
to accomplish temporal achievement
to become an impeccable
personification of reality
one must know the practice of
the Tao of nonstriving spontaneity

"Because habituation becomes second nature
over a long period of time, it cannot be abruptly
removed. It is necessary to work on the matter
in a serene and equanimous way, according to
the time: Eventually discrimination will cease,
and the original spirit will return; the human mind
will sublimate and the mind of Tao will be complete -
again you will see the original self."

"Once one has been able to amass the right kind of
energy and ward off the wrong kind of energy, and
also has refined oneself, awaiting the proper time to
act, myraid objects are all empty, and there is just the
discriminating consciousness alone - take advantage
of the right time to detach from this, and there will be
unfailing benefit."

"Once the mind is clarified, the mind of Tao appears,
and the discriminatory consciousness is easily

"Only when practioners of the Tao have the capacity
to contain mountains, as it were, can they sustain
the heavenly practice and cultivate the heavenly Tao.
Being inaccessible without hiding, they are near to

"If even heaven does not presume upon its virtue,
how much less is the virtue of ordinary people to be
presumed upon?"

"They have virtue but do not presume upon it, so their
virtue grows day by day while their mind grow humbler
day by day. They part with all self-satisfaction and self-
importance. This comes about as inevitiably as
moisture in the sky falls to the earth."

"Generally speaking, the path of using firmness or
strength is to foster strength when one is not yet strong,
then to nurture strength once one is strong, then to
nurture strength once one is strong."

"Foster strength is using power; nurturing strength is
storing power. When you should act, act furthering
power in action; when you should be still, be still,
storing power in stillness.

"To know when to proceed and when to withdraw, to
know when to stop at sufficiency, is not something
of which the ignorant are capable."

The Taoist I Ching