Nonduality's Vanishing Values

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Nonduality's Vanishing Values --
Physics gives us the most fundamental fact about all values.
Physics tell us Universally:
Inspection makes all particles vanish into the Uncertainty Principle

So too with all values :
the more any value is examined
the more it has to vanish with its duality.

Examining dualities makes them vanish.

Inspection makes good vanish into evil
like evil vanishes into good.

-- O'no

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Observation is not enough to make duality vanish

Observation is not enough to make duality vanish otherwise all humanity would realize the fact of non-duality. There is a need also for a deep insight, not of the kind of logic-based intellectual reasoning, but one that you are blessed with or achieve through smart techniques that decipher the mechanism of the mind.

Also, I'm really not sure that what physics says and anyway I wouldn't count on science to base my spiritual belief. On the contrary, I would ease my conditioned reliance on science to inspect and understand reality. While science proves very efficient in explaining and curing situations within mind's observed reality, it has failed over and over again to depict the ehole picture that includes that part outside the mind's box which we call supernatural or metaphysical.

Annie | Sun, 06/14/2009 - 21:26