Nonduality's Magnet: sex

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Nonduality's Magnet: sex

ONE, Self, has an apparent duality ... SELF thus works exactly like a magnet that has two poles, Twins, that appear separate when in fact they are ONE-force that makes One-magnet.

the magnet concept is universal ... not only in physics but in all apparent dualities: ESPECIALLY the two sexes.
The two sexes appear to be separate, even opposite, when in fact they are not separate but Twins to one SELF, twins that through their sexual-attraction/union can go far beyond even the most extreme pleasures of sex to realize a Oneness, Completeness, that obviously makes them One in Self.

Twins are literally Gurus to each other ... or the One-force, sex, that attracts/unites Twins is the Guru that wakes Twins up to be the One-Self.

the real saga of sex can only be understood through the One-force between the two-poles, Twins, of ONE magnet.

Self's One-force, sex, between the apparent opposites -- male and female -- bring them together to rarely realize they are Twins in One, Self.
Sex is a metaphorical two-makes-one force .. exactly like the One-force between two poles of a magnet make it One, magnet.

Twins not only need each other to Realize that they are One in Self but they need the One-force of sexuality to attract/unite them to realize this One in Self.

the unbridled sexuality that magically brings Twins together goes far beyond even the most extreme pleasures of sex into a Completeness that makes One-with-Self so obvious to TWINS .. a Completeness that no god nor guru chained to chastity can possibly imagine .. not even in a guru/gods most chaste dreams.

this Completeness makes Twins live and die ONLY for each other .. this same Completeness literally leaves nothing outside Twins worth living for.

... society and its religions have demonized sex with their chastity, abstinence and celibacy that robs even a god of the One-force, sex, it MUST also need to unite with the Twin -- that even a god needs -- to realize it is also One with Self....


Jesus and his loved-one, “wife,” Mary Magdalen, were Twins that through their union, sexuality, went far beyond virgins and their chastity-chained gods and gurus to realize that their sexuality make them One in Self.

Scriptures turned Mary Magdalen into a sinful whore so that religions could rule the world by demonizing the sexuality that united Jesus and his loved-one to be the same One-Self.

Religions use chastity to demonize sex by turning Jesus' Twin, loved-one, into a whore and then to add egregious insult to injury religions go one step further to make Jesus mother' a virgin that robs her of the SAME sexuality that Jesus and his Twin needed to go far beyond virgins, far beyond even chastity-chained gods and gurus to realize the One Self.

this Completeness that Twins can realize through their sexuality goes far beyond anything that chastity-chained gods and even Gurus can realize... especially in their most extremely chaste dreams.

Indeed it is this Completeness that Twins experience/live through their sexuality/union that reveals that gods are no different from mortals: the same chastity that robs women of their sexuality also robs gods from the same One-force, sexuality, they need to be united with their Twin to find the Completeness that makes them also ONE with the same Self.

And if Buddha denied his wife's sexuality then his chastity also kept him oblivious to the same One-Self that even chastity-chained gods cannot Realize unless Self's one-force, sexuality, unites them with their Twin .. that they need to Realize they cannot be different from mortals to be the same ONE-Self.

the celibacy and chastity that curses all religions – is the impenetrable barrier that prevents most couples from realizing that sexual-attraction is the Self's One-force that makes them, male and female, not opponents or opposites but One with Self.

-- really, Really, REALLY.

Arjunan | Tue, 07/28/2009 - 18:09
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" please delete this picture its not in tune with gurukul."
from where did you escape?

I can ONLY hope you are joking -- if not, and if I were your guru then I would have to commit suicide by vanishing into Samadhi for the shame of this absurd gurukul you must have got from me.

it seems obvious that you only know about dualistic views of right and wrong/good and evil ... and none of that dualistic nonsense would a true guru tolerate ... a true guru would know that all Angels are the same Self.

Gurus are all about Nonduality .. since when does nonduality need a tune with or without gurukul?

-- a picture that OBVIOUSLY cancels
a "good angel" with a "bad angel"
is the personification of NONDUALITY ... I mean this is basic ADVAITA 101

its nondualistic message is so obvious and overwhelming .... instead of condemning the picture it should be used to inspire and motivate us in meditation... even considered for the homepage.

genep | Wed, 07/29/2009 - 04:55
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...not in tune with gurukul.

...Guru's feet a ~*~meeting place~*~ for spiritual people! ( That is what the header/homepage message Says)
...from where I'm L@@king at ....Guru's feet Is NOT a set Schooling Area/Arena , that comes along with "Set rules and Conditions" of "a/the Guru in Charge" and his schooling/teaching.
....It's a OPEN Forum, Meeting Place for Spirituality/Spiritual People....which suggests what to you??

When Self got sick of his saints
and bored with guru's
he created me ...
to LAUGH at Everythingggg

they took seriously.

B-Self, Eternal Infinite Sri Fukkamee Swami

Bercano | Wed, 07/29/2009 - 15:00
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Spirituality or nudity?

What the blog poster wants to achieve by posting a nude picture to sadhakas?Is the portal ear marked for spirituality or pornography? Advaitha is a status to be achived not by sexual intercourse.It is like union of two souls in spiritual plane .This is ardhanareeswra thatva of Lord Shiva.In india there are so many examples of couples living together with celibacy.To sight one think of sri rama krishna and sharada matha.

mbnarayana | Wed, 07/29/2009 - 07:36
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it is quiet obvious that not only can you NOT read words
but you also cannot look at a picture to get its most simple ALL-IS-ONE message: LOVE/Self.

-- your only hope is braille.

and should braille betray your fingers,
like sight does now,
then your Guru will tell you to cut them off
to Realize that the senses are all about betrayal/deception -

this Realization
that all the senses betray us with their dualities
is the Realization called SELF, it-SELF.

If you must argue about what you obviously cannot see/read to understand
then may I remind you of the obvious: my senses do NOT deceive me.
AND this makes ME not only your Shiva
but also Rama and Krishna and Vishnu... indeed, far far beyond your wayward senses:
these words make me God it-SELF.

-- really, Really, REALLY.

genep | Wed, 07/29/2009 - 16:23
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This is excellent because it brings your attention to an area where maturity is needed. The image struck me immediately with it's power of love and compassion and the beauty in contrast. Since it did not stimulate my libido, my ability to experience the depth of the image was not disabled. Perhaps sexual repression has caused this difficulty?

Phroggy | Thu, 07/30/2009 - 21:30
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Nudity still exists inside the cloths

I think the picture is beautiful.

There is no problem in nudity, how could there be? There might be some problem in the mind who thinks there is a problem in nudity. Check that mind and what it really tries to cover with cloths.

Truth is naked, the sage is naked. Others have something to hide.

The article How can an energy be obscene? speaks exactly about that.

mariposa | Wed, 07/29/2009 - 19:43