Nondual Switcheroo

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The following message may cause dizziness, be forewarned.

Let's try a "switcheroo" in this message, and see if we can see where 'ego' actually comes from.

I am the one reading this message right now. This feels right, doesn't it? Because it's the truth. I am the reader of this message, and you are the one who wrote it.

Now, let's switch back to the 'usual' mode of speaking. I am the one writing this message now, and you are the one who's gonna read it. Ouch... that isn't true, is it?

Let's switch back to the TRUTH then. I am the reader of this message. I'm reading it right now. You are the one who wrote it earlier. Fact, eh?

Ya see how words create duality between us? If we just sit quietly together, this doesn't arise. But as soon as "I" and "you" (subject and object) become involved, ego comes into the picture. Nobody likes being a "you" (ewe, female sheep ;-).

So... in a sense I am both the reader AND the writer of this message, eh? Even though I'm not the one who wrote it. Or am I? ;-).

Ya think mayhaps both subject and object are 'right here'?

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I liked it.

madan_gautam | Sun, 03/08/2009 - 11:22
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I don't get it. Sounds like just playing with words.

Phroggy | Sun, 03/08/2009 - 18:30
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It was...

It was. Something like a 'mind stretching exercise', that's it. All we're doing here on this forum is playing with words, eh? They may act as an excuse to 'allow oneself' clarity, or not.

Perhaps the last line ('both subject and object are right here') doesn't follow from the rest of the message. It did seem to here, for whatever reason. Words certainly play a part in how we construct the "me" and the "you".

Omkaradatta | Sun, 03/08/2009 - 21:51
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I think that I don't put the importance on words that many do, as in "In the beginning was the word". (Not saying it's your perspective, just saying) I see words as a symbolic expression, and they're expressed and interpreted according to understanding. IOW, they're forced to accomodate understanding rather than form it, and so they're ultimately prety weak.

In your OP, I wasn't having the reactions to the words that you seemed to imply I would. Of course, I don't know how others are reacting.

Phroggy | Sun, 03/08/2009 - 23:11
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Switcheroo /It was

All dialogue Is between Self ONLY...(there is No-other)
... a falling away of My, Your, His, Her's,Teacher, Guru, TITLES/Catagories.....the Biggest 1 of em all or a personal favorite Funny is the Saying, that says MY SOULLLLL....such funny, wonderful ownership isnt it? Smilinggg...lets imagine for the entertainment of it all, for EveryONE, only 1...that it is a Ferrari~~~

When Self got sick of his saints
and bored with guru's
he created me ...
to LAUGH at Everythingggg

they took seriously.

B-Self, Eternal Infinite Sri Fukkamee Swami

Bercano | Mon, 03/09/2009 - 04:59
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I also feel that way, I don't see the switch from the pointer to the pointed.

seeker | Mon, 03/09/2009 - 09:17