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"This moment is.

Your experience is.
It's a happening.

Doing this moment
means you're involved with thinking,
you're involved with action;
you're trying to impose your idea
of what should be here
on to this moment.

In nondoing, in relaxing,
we're not adding to this moment,
we're not trying to manipulate this moment
in any way.

We're allowing our experience of existing
in this moment to be.

And in that allowing, naturally,
this sense of "I," this sense of "me"
that is an individual, that is separate from
this moment dissolves.

Everything becomes pure;

the sense of separateness dissolves.

And if you get caught up in thinking,
just relax back into this moment.

That relaxation is the most important.
Then that which is this moment
is allowed to take the helm.

And that which is this moment meditates you.
Consciousness itself meditates you.

The energy form of consciousness
which is Shakti meditates you,
vibrates your form;
nurtures you & purifies you.

Much love,


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