No Duality

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How one may express self out of fear!
What is fear? Fear is the feeling of loosing control of any subject! Fear is nothing but the Ego trying to justify what doesn't require justification. Fear is not allowing self to be in reality, so fear is our own creation!
There is nothing to fear when one lives in polarity. Accepting the present time, living the present time, is what polarity means. It's just like ocean waves, the boat (self) goes up and down as we move within the wave, always moving forward one wave at a time! So for that reason all good and bad should pass! If we try to modify, run away or do something about any circumstances in our lives we are then living in duality, or separation! but if we just wait and allow the universal law of attraction to do it's work then we are in polarity!
in polarity we are all one! If you are sad one day, embrace your sadness and be within your feeling center, not allowing your mind to create a story that doesn't exist except if you create. Now experiment with this: Be with the feeling of sadness one day, allowing space for self to be with it, but knowing that no matter what the circumstances seems to be for you the creator, you are the exact image of what you think you are experience because you create. By knowing that you have a blank canvas to paint even at days of sadness, now it's your decision and choice to paint a sunny beautiful picture of that day!
jai Bhagwan!

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Thanks for the text. Which

Thanks for the text.

Which bhagawan is it?

The main problem with such approaches is that duality in the sense of Advaita is a working assumption based on all daily experiences and therefore non-duality for anybody not realized is just an hypothesis, a hearsay, and one which is not validated in experience.

tiru | Mon, 01/30/2012 - 12:59