After the Rain

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The end of denial comes of it's own accord
The end of pretence

"The quality of mercy
Is not strain'd"

The heart breaks open with all the pain that's been held inside for millennia

Treatment of Animals - Part One - The use of animals for experimentation

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Questioner: One other question in regards to using animals that are used quite frequently for product research.

In love as love through love

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How many see the self as the enemy?

the tears begin

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darkness bleeds through you
as you look for the light
this ache for the dawn
carries your feet across the desert
under the stars
glistening sands
footprints gently erased
by hot winds

Jostling Playfully

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No graven image

However gilded
Carved in marble and lime stone
Adorned in gold leaf
And rubies

Can touch the ever flowing
Uncapturable liquidity
Ephemeral beauty of this

What is Gods name?

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Is Krishna, Balarama, Radha, Buddha, Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahman, (names with the utmost highest regard, significance, importance, esteem, value, in any religion, spiritual tradition) ***- (

It Is As It Is

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And if only
Life were just so

All would be tickety-boo

And you could live your life
Without a care in the world

It was never your life
Nor a life playing you

You are not dreaming

The Awe And Joy Of Simply Being

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I opened my balcony window
The morn has still not dawned yet

And spied a large owl sitting on the window ledge a floor below
In the dark a white face... white breasted... and luminous eyes

Humor is the Healing Balm

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Humor is the Healing Balm

Showing Others the Way

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The Council: You may find it much easier to help others when you first help yourself.