It's not previous lives, it's parallel lives

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People talk about their experiences in previous lives. They refer to these lives as if they were in the past and included the same personality, that same "I", the same mind as they currently have.

The body is just your entry point to reality

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We usually perceive ourselves as a body in the world and try from this perspective to "go out" into what we call "the beyond", to the soul, to let go the world and go beyond it.

Why can't I see ghosts?

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If the totality of your mind, both conscious and unconscious, unanimously wants something to manifest in the dream called "reality", it will manifest. This something can be anything, including ghosts.

The now is boring, says the mind

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It's petrifying how little from the world truly exists: only the now.

Such a narrow flickering glimpse.

The past is memory. The future is simulation. And they are both occurring in the now, the recalling of the memory, the playing of the simulation. Aren't they?

Universal point of awareness

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When you observe a mental object (a certain emotion, a certain thought, a sensation, etc.), after some time, the observed object dissolves into a dimensionless point.

From effort to enthusiasm

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I am not sure I fully understand the difference in motive between "effort" and "enthusiasm".

To demonstrate the difference, take a look at sex: you better do sex out of enthusiasm, god forbid you try to do it by effort. The same is in spirituality.

The difference between belief and trust

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In the language of the bible, Hebrew, the words belief and trust are very similar, almost the same. Trust in Hebrew is EMUN while belief is EMUNA.

The Science Of getting Rich Program Can Change Your Life

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Observing the Thinker

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Observing emotions and sensations is relatively easy -

They are lying there in time so you have the option to decide when to observe them. After all, as far as they are concerned, they are here to stay, where do they have to run to?

Surrender to Chaos

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The world around us as well as the world inside us (which are not different, it is just the ego that separates them) are chaotic.

They are chaotic in all aspects: in the sense that we do not really understand them, in the sense that our mind is not fast enough to keep pace with and observe them in real time, in the sense that they are composed from endless tiny particles, details, and processes, in the sense that we cannot have any control over them, none whatsoever!