Darkness Into Light

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So here I am, on this path, this journey
doing this thing people call living
and I have days and I have good days
and I question, just like most others
the reason for my being

Poetry - Faeries

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Tis not a dream, this faerie power
tis potions wondrous in a flower
tis secret whispers in the night
tis wings of incandescent light
tis faerie islands far beyond
tis nixies leering in a pond

Poetry - Live For Today

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Know that it's okay...
and wipe the tears away...
step to another day...
don't let it get you down...
or run you round and round...
or stomp you to the ground
your life is yours

Poetry - Searching

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Here I sit in my state of unknown feelings,
of deep sadness and sorrow,
but for reasons unknown.
My life is stable at work and at home.
With family and with friends

Poetry - Save This Place

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People undergo miles of abuse
To end up in ditches swollen with hatred, greed, & bloodshed
With one heart, one ounce of compassion
one open & honest soul

Your most fundamental fears

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Your most fundamental fears are inherited

Your most fundamental fears, the ones that grievously spoil your quality of life, the ones that paralyze you completely, happen to be fears you inherited from your parents.

Eckhart Tolle teams up with Oprah Winfrey

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More than 700,000 people have registered on for a 10-week Web seminar with Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle, author of "A New Earth" and "The Power of Now".

Just Give Belief a Chance!

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Our subconscious conditioning is enormously influenced by the environment, by the collective mind of people around us and by the media.

7 most powerful yet simple meditations

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  1. Accepting and observing whatever is now.
  2. Self Inquiry - Observe your sense of "I", your many personalities, all these false "I"s you can observe as objects and therefore are not truly you, the observing subject. Make sure to observe these "I"s with no identification. Use the question "Who Am I?" but do not try to answer it intellectually, wait for the mental pointer to arise spontaneously from the question and direct you to a current sense of "I"

Body = World

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A lovely excerpt about the erroneous mental separation between "my body" and the "world", from "I Am That" by Nisargadatta Maharaj: