The Three Levels of Understanding - Part 2

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Level 3 - Transformation of Conditionings

We believe that we are a one solid "I" but actually there are many different, sometimes contradicting "I"s, acting within us, or more accurately, there is no "I" within us at all, just a bundle of numerous conditionings reacting to situations in an almost mechanical way according to previous experiences in this life and in previous lives. Our unconscious behavior which constitutes most of our daily being is dictated by these conditionings. A transformation, therefore, is primarily a transformation of our conditioning programing.

How to destroy the ego?

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It is a common question I hear, but you can not battle the ego. It is the ego (me) that would be fitting the ego.

Pathmasters Principle 2~

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There is no such thing as a Failure or looser.In order for a person to fail or lose in life,they must have 1st of all Really tried,and Strugled to Win and Succeed,and they obviously didnt,or they Woul

New Logic Pathmasters Unity Format~

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Principle 1-There is No such thing as a "good" or "bad" person.Are Clouds good or bad?They are neither,they are clouds doing w/clouds do.So then how about Criminals,n Wicked people,are they bad?No,i r

Hellow Wonderful people~

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Im Pathmaster Swan.I created a Spiritual Movement,to begin Uniting People worldwide,n i do this by sharing what i call The new Logic Philosophy,which i've spent 25 years putting together through many

Poetry - The Sacred Walk

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The wind embraced my soul in a hug
The tree spirits sent blessings under my nose
The rocks shined their sparkling eyes along the path
To send their blessings on this sacred walk

The IDGF state

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IDGF, the name of an ultimate spiritual state, stands for I Don't Give a Fuck.

At first, the name might sound contra-spiritual and even obscene.

Test drive different possibilities of the truth

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Don't look for THE truth,look for the POSSIBILITIES of the truth.

When you focus on looking for the truth, your mind has more control over you to play its games and you overlook the many things you are used to take for granted.

Poetry - Carry Me

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Lift my heart, touch my soul & carry me through eternity
Guide me with your thoughts & feelings & tell me you love me.
Extend your heart an inch further to touch mine & let them glow

Poetry - More to Gain

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You inhale a secret & indulge in its force
The power is so great, you feel extraordinarily lost
You travel with the essence of its effervescent touch